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You have to laugh about these 21 Omicron variant memes otherwise you’ll cry

Hey Siri play We’re All In This Together from High School Musical x

It’s absolutely no secret that the Omicron coronavirus variant is rampaging its way through the country right now. It feels like everyone you know is either getting pinged, testing positive, or locking themselves in their house to avoid either of the above. I, for one, currently have coronavirus and my symptoms are consistent with Omicron – earlier I was told I sound like a rah girl who smokes too much. But you know what makes all the pain go away? Laughter! (Except it doesn’t get rid of the actual virus itself, because you still need to make sure you isolate for the full time even after reading this article.)

People are taking to Twitter to lament their Christmas plans, share their isolation boredom, and generally just try to have a somewhat alright time in amidst all the chaos. Look, obviously Omicron, and coronavirus as a whole, is a serious illness and we should all treat it as such – but some fun tweets and memes might distract you and make you laugh through the coughs for at least a while.

Here are all the best Omicron memes and tweets, because if you don’t laugh about it, you’ll cry:

1. Please just let me enjoy Christmas in peace

2. I’m a girl on the go!!!

3. Anyone?

4. Pls can I just have my turkey and presents

5. Did this Christmas song predict a pandemic?

6. Tell me you’re British without telling me you’re British

7. Live scenes from my bed rn


9. We need to get Tracy on the case

10. Science x

11. Have a day off corona I beg

12. Weeping

13. Sorry I didn’t do Design and Tech GCSE

14. Hey Siri play We’re All In This Together from High School Musical

15. Idk I kind of wanna see what Omicron themed rap Mr Schue would come up

16. O for Omicron! I see what yOu did there BOris x

17. All I want is to be singing Rain On Me in a club

18. Oh, Brenda

19. Shaky!

20. He’ll cure us all, I’m convinced of it


Stock featured image via Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash / overlay via Twitter

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