Love Island’s Anna was arrested for assault and says police targeted her for being famous

She says she called the police thinking she was going to be kidnapped and now wants to sue police

Love Island 2019 star Anna Vakili has claimed she called police over fear she was going to be kidnapped and ended up being arrested herself, in an incident which took place last year. Now, she says she could sue police, after she saw officers Googling her name and thinks she was targeted for being famous.

The initial incident happened in April last year, when Anna and her sister Mandi got into an altercation outside The Dorchester hotel in London. Anna says she had called police over fears she was going to be kidnapped, and whilst outside the hotel waiting for authorities she got into an argument with her sister. They were both arrested at the time for common assault, and Anna now wants to sue the police over what happened.

Speaking to the Sun now about the incident, she said: “My sister and I sometimes have a bit too much to drink in central London, and we end up getting into arguments with each other. Not long ago we ended up spending the night in jail. We got arrested for fighting each other – it wasn’t even a physical fight. Mandi scratched my neck and it was bleeding a tiny bit. It was the tiniest little scratch, and the worst part of this is, that I called the police!”

Anna Vakili from Love Island was arrested following kidnapping fears and says police targeted her for being famous

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Anna claims the initial fear of kidnap was not dealt with properly, and that she was targeted by police for being famous. She says her and her sister were handcuffed and put in a police van, adding: “The police did it on purpose because they knew who we were, and I could sue them for that. I was in the back of the police van with handcuffs on, and I could see at the front that they were Googling my name. I never thought in a million years that we’d get arrested. And once they put the handcuffs on I yelled, ‘I lied – it wasn’t her!'”

The girls reportedly spent 14-hours in a cell, which Mandi has described as “horrible”. “Apparently, they’re worse than prison cells. It’s literally just a brick room,” she said. Anna added: “I was so stubborn – they offered me clothing and I refused to take it, and I was shivering the whole night. I was banging on the doors shouting, ‘You can’t do this!’ The next morning during my video interview, I told them I would sue them, and that she was my sister. I was saying, ‘have you never had a fight with your sister? I love my sister more than anything in this world.'”

A spokesman for Met police said: “Police were called at approximately 00:06hrs on Sunday, 11 April to reports of a disturbance in Park Lane, W1. Officers attended and spoke to a witness who reported seeing two women involved in an altercation. No injuries were reported. Two women, aged 29 and 30, were arrested on suspicion of common assault and taken into custody. Following enquiries it was established that no further action was necessary and both were released from custody.”

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