Kylie Minogue singles ranked

The 50 greatest Kylie Minogue singles of all time, ranked

But let’s face it, every one of them is wow wow wow wow!

There’s a universal likability to Kylie Minogue that many artists manage to have. Kylie Minogue transcends boundaries of age, sexuality and genre with her multi-decade spanning plethora of bangers in a way contemporaries like Madonna never managed to maintain. Your mum loves Kylie, your nan wishes her well and your straight rugby lad brother asks you to turn Love At First Sight up whenever it comes on shuffle. From a career of permanent, endless bangers – here are the top 50 Kylie Minogue singles of all time, ranked.

50. Stop Me From Falling

The greatest song from Dancing, a country turn that was more of a misstep than it was a rootin’ tootin’ success, was Raining Glitter – a song that never got its time in the single release spotlight. Instead, the second single was the country-pop cross over Stop Me From Falling – a charming highlight from an otherwise unremarkable LP.

49. Higher

Originally intended for Kylie’s Aphrodite record, Higher ended up in the hands of Taio Cruz with a Kylie feature – resulting in a completely bizarre collaboration that does bang a lot harder than it actually has any right to.

48. Into The Blue

Kiss Me Once’s lead single is an empty bop, like the rest of its tracklist. It’s a song that could have been recorded by honestly anyone, but one that still bangs hard when it needs to – even if it lacks anything that makes it truly special.

47. Kids

I have a complicated relationship with Kids. If gay icon Kylie Minogue ever ended up becoming straight culture, the blame would lie in the hands of Kids. Robbie and Kylie have undeniable chemistry, the chorus brims with euphoria and tension and driving around the streets of Grand Theft Auto V wouldn’t be the same without it.

46. 2 Hearts

X is Kylie Minogue’s “Randomise Sim” album. It’s a jumble sale of ideas that nearly all work without any cohesion. 2 Hearts is the most bizarre choice for lead single, it stands out from the rest of the tracklist like a sore thumb. It has a piano that reminds me of Biology by Girls Aloud with a Goldfrapp stylistic sheen, and despite it being a great track it doesn’t really do much different from the original version by Kish Mauve.

45. New York City

New York City is Kylie Minogue at her most carefree, disposable and boppable – one of her emptiest singles with lyrics that barely mean a thing but it’s more than deserving of a ranked spot because the likeable way she sells it means you don’t care how derivative it is. The power of Kylie!

44. Please Stay

A delicious little Latin pop moment from Light Years, the infectious charm of Please Stay often gets overlooked by the behemoth banger success from the other singles from its mothership album. But as Kylie Minogue singles go, it is immensely and instantly likeable and deserves a spot on her ranked best 50.

43. Did It Again

Impossible Princess is in the running for the most underrated album of all time. It’s DEFINITELY the most underrated Kylie record, without so much as a question. I hate that Kylie herself doesn’t like it, because it’s impossibly wow. Second single Did It Again is a pop-rock prog track that sounds like nothing else she’s ever released. It’s cool as hell.

42. All I See

Another X single offering, All I See strangely remind me of a 2008 era Mariah Carey track. It’s got a laidback vocal, a slinky charm, a more R&B feel than almost anything else Kylie’s ever released. Its greatest moment comes in its final minute when the song strips back to a piano and Kylie whispers out “DJ spin my record again.”

41. Better Than Today

The Nerina Pallot penned Better Than Today sounds like if Kylie decided to lay vocals down on a MIKA and Scissor Sisters lovechild track. It’s camp as hell, brimming with positivity and a Stuart Price production that’s difficult not to fall completely in love with.

40. Kiss Of Life

The inevitable duet from Kylie Minogue and Jessie Ware, after the two had huge 2020s with their acclaimed disco dance floor ready albums, finally arrived in 2021 for Kylie’s Guest List edition of Disco. There’s a funky urgency to Kiss Of Life that makes it disco of the highest order, Kylie’s girlish vocals layering over Jessie’s signature breathy coos. It’s sublime.

39. Dancing

The lyrics to Golden’s lead single are its power – “When I go out I wanna go out dancing” is a great dual meaning, and the fact it’s an existential song about death but still maintains its power to be so jubilant is a testament to Kylie’s resolve. After overcoming breast cancer, Kylie singing songs like Dancing feel all the more euphoric and moving.

38. Where The Wild Roses Grow

I have literally no clue why this song exists, Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue are hardly two names you would anticipate sharing a song, but the Murder Ballads lead single is a haunting tale of killer and victim that Nick Cave wrote specifically with Kylie in mind. It’s a classic.

37. The Loco-Motion

Specifically, the second version. Kylie’s party classic The Loco-Motion is a cover that is so synonymous with her you’d think it was an original. Guaranteed to get the mums, aunties and nans up on that function room dance floor.

36. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)

A twinkly dancepop banger of the highest order, the final single from Aphrodite is sheer carefree euphoria done the way only Kylie can. Nobody is putting their hands up when this comes on, they are THROWING them up!

35. In My Arms

“How do you describe a feeling? I’ve only ever dreamt of this” is a pretty perfect opening line to a pop banger. A synth pop banger coproduced by Calvin Harris and Biff Standard is about as heavenly a studio duo you can get. A gem from the X era.

34. Magic

The second single the world got to hear from Kylie’s 2020 return to the dance floor on Disco, Magic is a disco tune that steps itself up layer after layer and ascends a little more every time. Kylie’s vocals dance on the high notes, with her breathy and fragile “Do you believe in magic?” being the ideal way to open an album.

33. Skirt

One of Kylie’s most adventurous and slept on songs, Skirt is a sexually charged anthem that was originally intended for her album Kiss Me Once before being relegated to standalone buzz single status. Perhaps if it lead Kiss Me Once in this direction as intended, the record would have wound up being more interesting. The dubstep elements to Skirt are like nothing Kylie has done before and the chorus is so dreamlike. It deserved better!

32. Some Kind Of Bliss

Kylie going full britpop for the Impossible Princess lead single wasn’t really on anyone’s radar, but I for one am most pleased that it happened. It was underrated by critics at the time and performed lukewarmly commercially – but retrospectively has received the acclaim it always deserved. Indie Kylie served it up, and this whole era was brimming with risk.

31. Giving You Up

Kylie and Xenomania klakon! Kylie and Xenomania klaxon! A pop princess coming together with the production duo that shaped the British pop landscape of the 00s (Girls Aloud and Sugababes, to say the least) on Giving You Up is pure magic. The second single from the Ultimate Kylie greatest hits record isn’t quite as good as the lead that came before it, but it is absolutely hypnotic electropop and a classic. I, too, can’t stop ticking the tock.

30. Really Don’t Like U

A criminally unknown collaboration with Tove Lo for her Sunshine Kitty album, Really Don’t Like U pits two slinky queens of electropop facing off with each other soundtracked by the most pulsatingly infectious beat imaginable. Tove and Kylie sound so good together they should do a full album. Immediately.

29. Je ne sais pas pourquoi

I still love you, I don’t know why. One of the early Kylie Minogue singles that showcases her teen pop era at its sugariest and sweetest – and one that still gets ranked highly amongst fans as a bit of a classic. It was absolute bliss when she belted it out during her showstopping Glasto set.

28. I Was Gonna Cancel

Criminally, the first time I ever heard the best song from Kiss Me Once was during the Jasmine Masters / Kennedy Davenport lip sync in season seven of RuPaul’s Drag Race. If this is good enough to be one of RuPaul’s favourite Kylie bangers, it’s good enough for me. A stomping banger, produced by Pharrell Williams, and one that contains the same hook as Green Light by Beyoncé (also written and produced by Pharrell).

27. Hand On Your Heart

Stock Aitken Waterman era Kylie Minogue at its most nostaglically 80s, the massive intro bellowing of the chorus is a call to arms for pop lovers everywhere. A great second lead single, and an early career highlight.

26. On A Night Like This

The full Kylie Minogue europop moment is as perfect as you’d ever want it. Stands up there with the greats of that subgenre, completely euphoric and a Light Years tracklist moment nobody is ever pressing the skip button on. The “You kiss me / I’m fallin'” prechorus should be in the how-to-do-a-prechorus handbook.

25. Step Back In Time

The second single from Rhythm Of Love was Kylie solidifying her arrival to the 90s with an homage to the 70s. Kylie is always most at home doing disco and this is no exception. Such a banger she named her latest greatest hits record after it.

24. I Should Be So Lucky

Written in 40 minutes by Stock Aitken Waterman in London, just before Kylie Minogue arrived for her first international release recording session because they’d forgot she was coming. A bit iconic for one of the most well known singles of the 80s, and the prechorus still stands as pop perfection all these years later.

23. Breathe

The most gorgeous song on Impossible Princess is Breathe’s electronica magic – it’s got that perfect Pure Shoes and Ray Of Light William Orbit energy that defines the sound of the late 90s for me. For Kylie’s next album, if she delved back into this kind of sound sonically I would be a very happy homosexual indeed.

22. What Do I Have To Do

Critics at the time called What Do I Have To Do an instant rave classic, and they told no lies. It’s absolutely THUMPING, perfectly 90s and one of the most infectious house pianos ever plink plonked by the human finger. Sometimes a bit forgotten because of the monstrous Shocked and Better The Devil You Know but don’t sleep on it!

21. Real Groove 

The third single from Disco was begging for the release that it eventually got. A chorus that sticks in your head after you heard it once, it’s Kylie at her absolute best. Throw in Dua Lipa for the 2054 remix, and the song ascended to an even higher plane and solidified itself as one of the most danceable tracks of 2020. Whilst we all sat inside unable to dance to it.

20. Turn It Into Love

The hidden gem to outdo all other hidden gems, Turn It Into Love was the final single off Kylie’s debut album exclusively in Japan, but it has gained cult classic status amongst Kylie and Stock Aitken Waterman fans alike. It is sheer pop perfection from beginning to end. 80s in every gorgeous way.

19. Red Blooded Woman

Imagine if Kylie was the female incarnation of Justin Timberlake in his Timbaland era and you wind up with Red Blooded Woman, a bombastic and outrageously well produced banger from the excellent Body Language. The fact this is the lowest ranked Body Language single and it’s her 19th best song ever tells you all you need to know about the standard of these ranked Kylie Minogue singles. INCREDIBLE.

18. Timebomb

Kylie Minogue at her most Britney Spears – Timebomb is a robotic vocal masterpiece. It sounds like the future of pop, where androids are the only singers we have left. It’s the vision Charli XCX has for pop music done in 2012. Listening to Timebomb and walking down the street is a cathartic spiritual experience that makes you want to kick bins over.

17. Say Something

The disco dancepop electro lead for Disco was one of the best singles of 2020, and proved that all these years into her career that Kylie Minogue was still capable of creating hits that can be ranked amongst her best. Say Something is a slow burn – not an instantly arresting, hi-NRG lead but one that gets under your skin as it crescendos into its repeated refrain of “Love is love, it never ends / Can we all be as one again?”

16. Shocked

Shocked is good in its own right, but it’s the DNA Mix single with its bristling electropop and an instantly iconic verse from Jazzy P that makes it great. It’s ranked as one of the best Kylie Minogue singles because it crackles with energy, it’s BEYOND danceable and it is the perfect example of how euphoric the end of the Stock Aitken Waterman era was.

15. Come Into My World

The fact that a song this stellar is the lowest ranked Fever single and is still the 15th best out of Kylie Minogue singles? That’s what we call pop excellence, darlings! Come Into My World is a song I imagine Madonna would sacrifice a Victorian orphan to have got her hands on – dreamy, airy and takes you to a higher plane. The lesser known la la la banger.

14. Get Outta My Way

In many ways, Aphrodite was kind of like the Fever era’s second coming – all the singles banged hard and the record was so consistently well executed. Second album single departed from the lead’s more avant garde approach and went balls to the wall with its dancepop. And succeeded in literally every way – if this doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning and ready for the day, nothing will.

13. Chocolate

The sexiest song ever made? Perhaps. On Chocolate, I truly feel like Kylie Minogue is personally seducing me. Cooing down my ear and oozing sex appeal in every syllable, Chocolate is as rich and indulgent as the food it borrowed the name from. An immaculate production and a career-best chorus. Remains underrated. Leaves you wanting another piece every time.

12. Slow

Skip a beat and move with my body! Yeah! Slow! Nominated for a Grammy for a reason. This is the kind of production that makes Kylie Minogue’s nasal vocals shine brighter than anyone for dance music, with the exception of maybe Britney. It’s outrageously seductive. The towel music video is stuff of legend. “Read my… BODY LANGUAGE” is the best slip in of an album title ever I fear.

11. The One

People love throwing out a “Very Robyn” comparison to anything remotely synthy and electro, but The One really is very Robyn with a dash of Róisín Murphy. It’s heartbreaking and fragile without sacrificing even a moment of its danceability. It deserved to be one of Kylie’s biggest and most signature tracks. It is beyond excellent, and a highlight of X.

10. Wow

If The One is a highlight of X, Wow is its centrepiece. I always think of one critic’s description of Wow being Madonna’s Holiday on steroids – it’s so true. Wow is a pop song high on speed. Maximalist, sugary, ridiculous, camp. You haven’t known euphoria til you shout the echoed “Rush!” after she sings “You’re such a rush”. The “Wow wow wow wow” is beyond quotable. Please don’t let annoying adverts ruin Wow forever.

9. Your Disco Needs You

I don’t believe in any pleasures being guilty, but if you wanted to name a guilty pleasure Kylie song you’d be hard pressed to find a tackier one than the outrageous Your Disco Needs You. This is the campest song ever sang. Everything about Your Disco Needs You is maximalist, absurd and euphoric. Not a single artist in the world could have nailed a track like Your Disco Needs You in the way Kylie does – she carries it like she’s been a gay man all her life. “From Soho to Singapore!” “Darkness comes to kick your ass (ASS!)” and a random French middle eight? SIGN ME UP!

8. Better The Devil You Know

The best song from the Scott Aitken Waterman era by a long shot, when people say pop perfection they mean Better The Devil You Know. Every second of it is masterful – stirring verses with an anthemic, stadium shout-along chorus that she arguably hasn’t ever bettered.

7. Spinning Around

Kylie Minogue’s career can be seen in two halves – before Spinning Around and after. Spinning Around was a rebirth, a return to the top of the charts and proof that Kylie could weather the storm of transitioning from 80s teen pop to contemporary and modern. The production from here on out in her career is genre defining, and Spinning Around is absolutely exemplary in its ability to get people twirling on dance floors.

6. I Believe In You

Written and produced with Jake Shears and Babydaddy from the Scissor Sisters, I Believe In You captures what makes that band so special but with a Kylie twist. Not one of the Sisters could sing this song as emotively and euphorically as Kylie does – and there’s no doubt in why mind why this excellence got a Grammy nom for Best Dance Recording. It’s outrageously lush.

5. All The Lovers

Kylie Minogue is a gay icon, and of all her singles it is All The Lovers that’s ranked as THEE gay anthem. It’s cathartic, liberating, inspiring, hopeful. The Prides this song has soundtracked since its release? It’s hard to imagine there was ever a Pride without it. Pop music should often be the remedy – and All The Lovers is such a healer.

4. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head started the Fever era with more than a bang, it was a nuclear explosion. The song is the biggest hit of her career, arguably her signature song and one of the most hypnotic pop singles ever released. The video is iconic, the la la las whether you love or hate them are one of the most memorable sections of pop this century and it deserves every bit of its iconic status. A classic.

3. In Your Eyes

The first verse of the outstanding In Your Eyes feels like Kylie Minogue is quite literally casting a spell on you. It has a chorus that  makes you want to jump out of your seat every time you hear it and fist pump the air. The best bit of the whole song is the adlibs over the final chorus, where Kylie sounds like an android sent to the early 00s to redefine pop forever. HEAVEN.

2. Confide In Me

Confide In Me is for Kylie Minogue what Frozen is for Madonna. It’s a complete reinvention, artistic excellence of the highest quality. A bizarre, haunting, indie trip-hop song that sounds like nothing she’d ever done by 1994 and like nothing she has ever done since. It’s almost Bond theme-esque, its strings remind me of The World Is Not Enough by Garbage. It’s truly spectacular, holding up nearly thirty years later as a track that sounds impossibly fresh and special.

1. Love At First Sight

Fever spawned four singles, and three of them are ranked in the top five of all Kylie Minogue singles. The best of them all, and the best song of an iconic career that has changed pop forever, is Love At First Sight. Love At First Sight will turn 20 years old in June of this year, and it somehow miraculously still sounds exactly how the best pop music in the world should sound. Impeccably fresh, unbelievably jubilant and euphoric, soaring and liberating.

Love At First Sight is a song I could put on at any party, with any group of people, and hear a symphony of cheers. Nay, a ROAR of cheers. It gets the footie lads going, the gays yassing and the girlies dancing. Such is the almighty power of the Minogue.

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