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Okay, where the hell does the iconic ‘Material Girl’ TikTok audio actually come from?

MATERIAL GIRRRRL lives in my mind rent free

Over the last couple of months, this song has been absolutely EVERYWHERE – with good reason, too. It’s a proper earworm with major MCE (main character energy). People often use the audio clip to jokingly brag about how rich they are – but it’s hugely versatile and can be used to give any video an extra level of *spice*. Obviously, I’m talking about the Material Girl TikTok audio.

Let’s be honest, the artist behind the audio has actually managed to de-throne Madonna with the most iconic track about… well, material girls. But no one really knows anything about how it came about, who made it and when it became so popular. You can listen to the 30 second clip here:

@big_daddy_addie are you gonorrhea-valuate your relationship? #nurse #gay #nojudgment #ASOSChaoticToCalm ♬ original sound – 𝖰𝖴𝖤𝖤𝖭

Where does the ‘Material Girl’ audio come from?

Up-and-coming rapper Saucy Santana released the song all the way back in 2020. Real name Justin Harris, he actually used to be the makeup artist for City Girls, another viral sensation. The version on TikTok is bass-boosted, so take your headphones out for this one.

Saucy even changed his Twitter name to Material Gworl following the song’s growing popularity on TikTok. As of writing this, over 215,000 videos have been made using the audio clip. It first went viral in May this year, with user @alyahhhhspams posting a video of her mum entering her 50th birthday party in a glass lift. Very bougie and VERY Material Girl.

@aliyahhhhspams material girl fr😭 #fyp #materialgirl#materialgworl ♬ original sound – 𝖰𝖴𝖤𝖤𝖭

It seems like the song has pretty much exploded out of nowhere – even inspiring the “MATERIAL GWOOORL” filter created by user @lednique.

These Material Girl TikToks are guaranteed to make you feel rich:

@tesladone #materialgirl ♬ original sound – ell

@editsbyvia material girl🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ #zendaya ♬ original sound – 𝖰𝖴𝖤𝖤𝖭

@aboyinhisbed With the finger print hoe 💋, #LevisMusicProject #PINKHolidayRemix #materialgirl #santana ♬ original sound – ell

@pocketchannel94 It’s called ✨self care✨ #shopping #materialgirl #christmas #selfcare ♬ Material Girl (Bass Boosted) – Saucy Santana

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