christmas song lyrics quiz

QUIZ: You’re a mean one if you don’t know all 22 of these Christmas song lyrics

This is a Band Aid free zone x

There are two types of people in every household, friendship group and family – those who *get* Christmas music, and those who just don’t. In fact, there needs to be a new fan base dedicated entirely to Christmas bangers. I honestly can’t think of a single bad Christmas song – inarguably the worst one is Driving Home For Christmas, but even then it’s only mediocre. Stick on any festive mix and you won’t be able to skip through a single one – from Step Into Christmas to Stop The Cavalry, every song is a bop (except Band Aid).

This Christmas song quiz is for the people who start playing Mistletoe around mid-October. For those who take it personally when people confuse Leona Lewis with Jonah Lewie. For anyone who secretly loves combining Ariana Grande, Elton John and Nat King Cole into one lengthy playlist. All you have to do is finish these 22 carefully chosen Christmas song lyrics – simple!

But which festive anthem enthusiast will come out on top? Score full marks in this *ultimate* Christmas song quiz to find out.

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