These are the uni cities with the most Covid cases right now

Here we go again

Once again, Covid is back in full force – threatening to ruin our Christmas and New Year’s plans. It genuinely feels never ending and if you don’t laugh (especially at these 21 omicron memes), then you’ll cry.

If it feels like everyone you know has Covid right now, then it’s probably because they do. Like literally, everyone does. Some students will even be forced to isolate on their own on Christmas Day.

Yesterday new Covid cases reached a depressing record high, with over 88,000 people testing positive.

Cases are varied throughout the country and unsurprisingly, London claims the top spot for the most cases – with nearly 60,000 positive tests reported in the past seven days.

As usual we’ve got your back, and have compiled a list of the most Covid infected uni cities right now. Basically this is just a heads up to tell you what you’ve gotten yourself into and to run far, far away.

These are the uni cities with the most Covid cases reported in the last 7 days:

1. London – 59,379

2. Oxfordshire – 5,312

3. Birmingham – 4,458

4. Nottinghamshire – 4,330

5. Cambridgeshire – 4,260

6. Warwickshire – 3,029

7. Leeds – 2,780

8. Glasgow City – 2,539

9. Manchester – 2,511

10. Liverpool – 2,361

11. City of Edinburgh – 2,343

12. Bristol – 2,338

13. Brighton and Hove – 1,884

14. Sheffield – 1,824

15. Cardiff – 1,759

16. Southampton – 1,415

17. Newcastle upon Tyne – 1,293

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