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Just 29 memes that prove The Holiday is the best Christmas movie to ever exist

I am crying and horny at the same time

There is no Christmas film more perfect than The Holiday. You can take your Elf, Home Alone and It’s A Wonderful Life and stuff them firmly in your stocking. Nothing will ever beat the heart warming joy, gut wrenching sadness and Christmas spirit you get from watching The Holiday.

Since it was first released in 2006 it has been a staple festive film for a multitude of reasons. Firstly it contains Jude Law at his prime. Secondly it has an incredible cottagecore aesthetic that makes you want to pack your bags and move to deepest Surrey. And most importantly it contains the most wholesome relationship ever – Arthur and Iris. You have to be dead inside to not shed a tear at Iris helping Arthur down the aisle to accept his prize.

It is for those three reasons, amongst many others, why The Holiday is the best Christmas film of all time. Special mention must also go to Cameron Diaz dancing to Mr Brightside in her pyjamas.

To celebrate the most wonderful film, we’ve rounded up 29 memes and tweets that sum up the true love we should all have for The Holiday:

1. Nothing but respect for my Kings and Queens

2. Thinking about him

3. Waiting for this under the tree

4. My favourite love story

5. Why isn’t this my life?

6. Let the drooling commence

7. Is it too much to ask for?

8. LOL

9. I don’t want a prince, I want this

10. Such meme potential

11. They are so precious

12. A vibe x

13. It is not a thing

14. Hahahah

15. Guaranteed to put you in a good mood

16. Hands in the air for Jack Black

17. Honestly, she is superwoman

18. The only flaw of the film

19. I feel very faint

20. Now that you mention it…

21. Yeah that was missing from the emails

22. I will watch this movie in April, no hesitation

23. Romantic perfection

24. Cameron defo got the better deal

25. The tension

26. Have I mentioned I find Jude Law attractive?

27. I want a spin-off staring this queen

28. The cultural impact

29. Tears incoming for the best movie ever

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