Spotify most streamed 2021

It’s official: These are the most streamed artists, songs and albums on Spotify in 2021

Was the number one song ever going to be anything else?

Were you happy with your Spotify Wrapped? Did the data have you pinned in the way you thought it would? The most anticipated statistical reveal of the year never disappoints and had the world looking back on the bangers they blasted over the last 12 months. But personal data aside, Spotify have also revealed the most streamed songs, artists and albums of the year as well – and shared some data of the eye-watering streaming numbers they actually got. So what were the most streamed songs and albums and who was the most streamed artist in 2021 on Spotify Wrapped? LET’S DIVE IN…


Taking the coveted title of most streamed Spotify artist in the world is Latin star Bad Bunny, who garnered 9.1billion streams in 2021 even though he didn’t release a new record. Huge achievement. Following him was Taylor Swift, which is no surprise considering she only released Evermore near the end of December and then released the (Taylor’s Version) editions of Fearless and Red this year. BTS, with megahit Butter smashing charts this year, come in third. Drake fourth, and Bieber flanking the rear in fifth. No major shocks with this list, tbh.


In what comes as a shock to nobody, Olivia Rodrigo absolutely bodied the top position and racked up an impressive 1.1billion streams on her debut single Drivers License – and then took the fourth spot with her third (and best) single Good 4 U. Lil Nas X broke the internet with MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) earlier this year so it’s no shock he’s in a two. STAY by Bieber and The Kid LAROI came in third, which is quite a bit of a banger if we’re being honest. And in fifth is Levitating, a 2020 song that really got some life this year from Dua Lipa and an artist who we will not speak the name of.


Spotify most streamed 2021

Again, 2021 made it Olivia Rodrigo’s world and we’re all just living in it. SOUR dominated the albums chart and rightly so tbh. In second is Future Nostalgia – one of the best albums of 2020 still doing absolute bits in 2021. Skipping over the hell of position third and fourth and cheering on Doja Cat who came in fifth with Planet Her. Not a single Taylor Swift album on the list? Disgusting.

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