Viral TikTok tells people to record them watching the opening scene of movie Nocturnal Animals on Netflix and the reactions to the intro are hilarious

People are shook after TikTok trend says to watch intro of Netflix film Nocturnal Animals

Just a warning, don’t watch this at work or around your parents x

People have been left quite shocked after a viral TikTok trend told people to record themselves watching the opening scene of a film called Nocturnal Animals on Netflix.

One TikTok has over 1.9million views and says “How is this allowed on Netflix?!!” The voiceover on the clip then says: “Stop what you’re doing right now. Go to Netflix, look up ‘Nocturnal Animals’ and record yourself watching the opening scene. Please duet me, I wanna see everyone’s reactions.” The original audio has been viewed over three million times and used in 28k videos.

@alana.arbucciWtf Lmaoo

♬ original sound – ohmandy86

Nocturnal Animals is a 2016 thriller drama movie featuring Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s rated 15, and follows Susan, who receives a manuscript of her ex-husband Edward’s new novel and finds it very compelling. However, the story forces her to confront several disturbing truths about their marital life.

But what in the hell happens in the opening scene and why is everyone so shook?

Ok, so what is the opening scene of Nocturnal Animals on Netflix?

In the TikTok that is currently going viral, the creator says in the comments: “An opening scene of any person jumping naked in slo mo is getting this reaction out of me I’m not sorry”. So yeah, that pretty much sums up what it is. It’s basically two naked women dancing and loving life.

Right now, it doesn’t look like the film is available in Netflix all over the world, so sorry if you can’t hop onto the trend. It’s very NSFW, but you can view it here.

Here are some of the best blind reactions on TikTok to the people watching the opening scene of Nocturnal Animals on Netflix.

@naenizzle_ I should’ve just minded my business 🥱#nocturnalanimals #fypage #nasty #MakeItCinematic ♬ Chanel x Gloriaa . – 

@therealmiaah_ I gotta learn to mind my business . #nocturnalanimals #fypage #nasty #makeitcinematic ♬ Chanel x Gloriaa . – 

@ray_fuimaono That 20 sec was trippin🥲😂 #nocturnalanimals ♬ Chanel x Gloriaa . – 

@__therealnia Bro the first 20 secs got me like 😳🥴 #fypシ #nocturnal #nocturnalanimals ♬ Chanel x Gloriaa . – 

This is like when TikTok said to record yourself before and after Googling where vanilla flavouring comes from. 👀

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