Taylor Swift Red (Taylor's Version)

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling these 22 reactions to Red (Taylor’s Version)

Jake Gyllenhaal, I’ll see you outside

Taylor Swift rerecording and rereleasing all of the albums she released under her old label Big Machine is great for three main reasons. Firstly, it’s great and vital that by doing this Taylor now owns the rights to her own music. Ridiculous that it takes doing all this for that to happen, but here we are. Secondly, it’s great for fans to get to listen to her older albums sang by an artist who’s made so much growth vocally and artistically over the last few years, with newer depth AND a cohort of new songs from the album sessions previously never heard before. And thirdly, it’s great for iconic Twitter reactions and memes to keep you laughing whilst you dry the tears you shedded listening to the 10 minute version of All Too Well. Here’s the best reactions to Taylor Swift and her stunning new rerelease Red (Taylor’s Version):

1. I can’t retweet, share or stress this enough

2. Watch your back John

3. A shock twist

4. It was an annihilation, Your Honour

5. We all are

6. How does she know me inside and out like this

7. It’s from all of us!

8. And that’s on critical acclaim, luv!

9. Fastest 10 minutes of my life

10. I would wait forever

11. WE DO

12. The ballet flats in question

13. Hear hear!

14. This is chaos magic, Wanda

15. Nah I’m actually finished

16. You don’t want to experience it!

17. Presented without comment

18. Book me in for a session NOW

19. The best of all Red (Taylor’s Version) Taylor Swift reactions… just one whiff

20. I gasped

21. She said what she said

22. The jury is still out

Stream Red (Taylor’s Version), the new rerelease from Taylor Swift, here.

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