Instagram Stories 'Add Yours' Stickers

Right, what are the ‘Add Yours’ Stickers on Instagram Stories and where did they come from?

Nobody is going to plant a tree for posting a pic of your dog and you know it

Unless you literally ignore the Instagram Stories feature altogether, you will have no doubt spent the last few days endlessly tapping your way through stories featuring your friends’ dogs, cats, fish or (if they’re a comedic genius) their annoying flatmate – accompanied by a sticker saying “We’ll plant one tree for every pet picture”. The Tab unpicked and debunked the urban legend that someone is about to plant over two million trees because you put your dog on your story yesterday, and the other week explored exactly how to do the “Who are you in love with?” trend.  Now, though, the process is much easier. This is exactly how to use the new Instagram Stories “Add Yours” stickers.

What actually are the ‘Add Yours’ Stickers on Instagram Stories

Basically, the “Add Yours” Stickers are a new Sticker feature that launched on November 1st to give you a new way to share your Stories with more people. Like the music or questions Sticker, you add it onto your story before posting. But unlike those two, adding things to your story with this Sticker allows your Story to be seen by everyone on that Sticker who has also used it, and you can see everyone else who has too. A bit like a hashtag, but for Instagram Stories. Instagram have created this to add more engagement and community to the Stories feature.

Prior to November 1st, Instagram had rolled out the feature to select accounts. This is why to do the “Who are you in love with trend” you had to find someone with early access to that feature in their Instagram highlights, utilising it via them rather than creating your own.

How do I put an “Add Yours” Sticker on my Instagram Story?

Go to post an Instagram Story as normal and then click in the top corner to get to your Stickers, where you’ll find the usual crowd of locations, music, questions and the rest. “Add Yours” should be in the top right corner on the menu, and then you can type in whatever you want to encourage people to join you posting.

How do I see other people’s ‘Add Yours’ Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories 'Add Yours' Stickers

Once you’ve posted your Story, you can click just under the title and look through the rest of the Stories that have used the Sticker, as per the above pic. And that’s it! Let your creativity run wild with the new feature and see what you can come up with. If you’re lucky, you might have the next pet pic / plant a tree saga on your hands.

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