Okay, so this is exactly how to to do the Instagram ‘who are you in love with’ trend

And how to add the other stickers to your story

There’s an Instagram trend doing the rounds, and this one is all about posting a picture with your partner. It’s soppy, but cute all the same. This trend is actually quite tricky to do unless you know how, so this is exactly how you can get the Instagram “who are you in love with” trend sticker. Also, how to get the other sticker themes that basically do the same thing, if declaring who you’re in love with isn’t your exact vibe.

What actually is the Instagram ‘who are you in love with’ trend?

Instagram who are you in love with

In a nutshell, the trend is basically adding a picture of whoever it is you love to your Instagram story – whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, bestie or dog. Anything goes. When you post it, the sticker will show on the story and if you click on it you can look through the stories of everyone else who is doing the trend and see pictures exclusively around the theme of what the sticker entails.

How do I get the Instagram ‘who are you in love with’ sticker?

Instagram who are you in love with

The sticker doesn’t live amongst the other stickers you can find when going to make an Instagram story, like questions or polls. These stickers seem to have been created by an Instagram user called @astrida_03. You’ll have to head to her profile so you can activate the trend to post on your own story:

• Go to the Instagram search bar and type in @astrida_03

• Go to her highlights, and the first one should be titled “add your sticker”

• Click through the highlight until you see the ‘who are you in love with’ option (12th along)

• Use your camera roll or take a picture in app, and then when you post your story you’ll have joined the trend

What other options are there for the trend?

If who you love isn’t your bag, you can add several others from @astrida_03‘s highlight too. Options include sunset pics, show profile grid, picture of your pet, sky photos, drop your lock screen, show your car, show zodiac sign, show your small business, favourite picture from summer and about 30 others. Endless fun!

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