These are the 33 most eligible students studying at uni this year, according to Tatler

Yes, half of them go to Newcastle

Tatler has just released its annual Little Black Book featuring the 200 most eligible single people in the country. They’re supposedly fit, funny and utterly charming. Rége-Jean Page, Romeo Beckham and Emma Raducanu are in the top 10, so that gives you a general idea of the calibre of people included.

However it’s not just A-List celebrities in the list there are plenty of lords, socialites and even some students, 33 to be precise. For Tatler these 33 are essentially the coolest, smartest and most well connected students in the country.

Many of these students are children of celebrities or members of nobility. They naturally go to the most rah unis – Bristol, Durham and Newcastle – and study history of art or PPE. They’re either models or DJs on the side of their studies and I think I want to be best mates with all of them.

These are the 33 most eligible students this year, according to Tatler:

Coco Brocklehurst

via Instagram @cocobrocklehurst

18-year-old Coco is a Fresher at Newcastle studying geography. She has nearly 10,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 200,000 on TikTok where she mainly posts videos of herself and her mates.

According to Tatler Coco plays tennis, skis, rides horses and is obsessed with dogs. She grew up in Sussex and attended Mayfield school.

Coco has already been interviewed by Tatler about her success on TikTok and said she regularly gets recognised so she won’t go out by herself anymore.

Viscount Aithrie and The Hon Victor Hope

Twins Charles and Victor Hope are 20 years old. Charles is currently studying anthropology at Durham and Victor is at Oxford studying PPE.

Charles famously fainted during the Queen’s 2014 speech to parliament when he was a page boy. Victor is currently rocking a mullet and loves to snowboard.

Aliotto della Gherardesca

Aliotto is part of the della Gherardesca family who were once one of the most important families in Pisa, Italy and they can trace their origins back to the 11th century.

Aliotto is 21 years old and studies art and film at Bristol.

Lettice Cornell

Lettice is 21 years old and in her final year of studies of history of art at Newcastle.

Before lockdown Lettice was climbing the Himalayas and has been photographed with Anna Wintour at the Burberry show in 2017. No big deal.

Jake Clarke

via Instagram @jakeclarke10

Look I’m not blind I can see why Jake Clarke has been included in this list. Jake is 19 years old and attended Eton.

Now he’s at Edinburgh studying history of art. When he’s not at uni according to Tatler his main passions are travel including recent trips to Zanzibar, Mount Kenya and Watamu.

Lady Eloise Gordon-Lennox and Lord Frederick Gordon-Lennox

Twins Lady Eloise and Lord Frederick are the children of The Duke of Richmond. Eloise is currently in her final year at Durham and Frederick attends Oxford.

Frederick is known to sing, play guitar and regularly performs at open-mic nights.

Emily Fraser

Emily is an Oxford classics student who made history as the first female member of the New College choir.

Alfie Dundas

20-year-old Alfie is the son of Lord and Lady Bruce Dundas and he’s currently studying economics at Bristol.

His main hobbies are said to include going to the gym, supporting Arsenal and standup comedy.

Jude Fry

via Instagram @judefry11

Jude is just 20 years old and has already achieved a LOT. He’s currently studying at Newcastle but also has a side hustle company called Pass It On, where he sells second hand school uniforms.

Not only that but he’s also a model who has been in campaigns for Superdry. Jude is incredibly well connected – his father is Cosmo Fry, the chocolate heir, and Jude’s older brother is dating Alexa Chung. Pretty cool for a sister in law.

Felix Foot

21-year-old Felix Foot is currently studying Spanish and Portuguese at Oxford, before uni he was studying at Eton.

He plays rugby, has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and can play the saxophone. Pretty impressive.

Uma Goldsmith

Uma is the daughter of politician Zac Goldsmith and is one of three siblings from her father’s marriage to Sheherazade Ventura-Bentley.

She is in her final year at Edinburgh and is studying English. Uma is said to have a great sense of humour and loves playing poker.

Lady Margarita Armstrong-Jones

Lady Margarita is currently 25th in line to the throne and studies events management at Oxford Brookes. Yes royalty are really at Brookes.

Margarita is 19 years old and the granddaughter of Princess Margaret. When she’s not at uni, Margarita is making silver jewellery.

Minna Hall

Minna is currently in her first year at Camberwell College of Arts. When she’s not studying she’s performing as a DJ.

Guy and Ned Fiennes

via Instagram @guyffs

Guy and Ned are the sons of the Hon Martin Fiennes and Kang Chai Lain and they grew up in Broughton Castle in Banbury.

Guy is currently completing his masters in philosophy at Oxford and Ned is in his final year at St Andrews studying international relations.

Ned is a vegan and prefers wearing odd socks, because why not?

Luke Howard

22-year-old Luke is a Newcastle student studying modern languages. Tatler refer to him as an “adrenaline junkie” due to his love of shooting, skiing and dirt biking.

Carla Henderson

Carla was previously on Tatler’s list last year of the most eligible bachelorettes and now she’s in her final year at Bristol where she studies history of art.

She is said to love fashion, travel and is hoping to spend next year in Paris.

Mary and Lara Keswick

Mary and Lara have a family home up in Scotland however when they’re not there they’re at uni. Mary is 21 years old and studying at Falmouth whereas Lara is 19 years old and doing journalism at Manchester.

Mary is known for her hair and loves to swim. Lara loves festivals, fried chicken and documentaries.

Iris Law

via Instagram @lirisaw

Iris Law is the daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost. She’s currently studying textiles at Central Saint Martins however a lot of her time is taken up with modelling – she’s an ambassador for Bulgari and Dior beauty.

Iris has just over 500,000 followers on Instagram and is probably the coolest person you can follow on the app right now.

Liberty and Luke Osborne

Liberty and Luke are the children of politician George Osborne. Liberty is 18 years old and is studying Chinese at Oxford.

Luke is two years older and is studying at Bristol, he’s very much into his music and wants to become a DJ.

Carl Ross

18-year-old Carl is the son of David Ross who was one of the co-founders of Carphone Warehouse.

Carl has just started studying music at Durham and has been said to have performed at his father’s 50th birthday.

Clementine Read

Clementine or Clemmie as she’s known is the great-great-granddaughter of former prime minister Herbet Asquith.

She’s just started studying English Language and Literature at Oxford and she writes the monthly newsletter for the Cliveden Literary Festival.

The Hon Oliver Stanley

Oliver is the son of the Earl and Countess of Derby. He’s currently studying geography at Durham and enjoys running, carpentry, skiing and beer pong.

Tilly Ramsay

via Instagram @tillyramsay

Yes as in the daughter of Gordon Ramsay. If you haven’t been watching Strictly Come Dancing then this is your introduction to Tilly who has just started university this year whilst also competing on the dancing show.

She’s 20 years old, has millions of followers on TikTok and has been a TV presenter.

Lily Sebag-Montefiore

Lily is the daughter of authors Simon Sebag Montefiore and Santa Montefiore. Lily’s aunt is the late socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson who appeared on I’m A Celebrity in 2002.

Lily is attending Exeter where she is studying history of art and is said to be an incredible skier.

The Hon Marina Primrose

Marina is also studying at Exeter but she’s doing philosophy although she almost didn’t go because she didn’t want to leave her cat behind.

Her younger sister Delphi is pretty big on TikTok and already been on the cover of Tatler.

Evie Unwin

Evie is a Newcastle student who is 20 years old and loves to party and vintage shopping.

Patrick Nwoga

via Instagram @patrick_nwoga

Patrick is 20 years old and currently studying European and social politics at UCL, previously he attended Eton.

He’s living in North London where his flatmates have a snake called Cornelius. Patrick is said to love sport and house parties.

The Hon Alice Vane

20-year-old Alice is the daughter of Lord Barnard and she grew up in a literal castle in County Durham.

Now she’s studying art at Kingston and enjoys hanging out with her siblings.

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