The Tab X Our Streets Now: Take our Student Safety Survey 2021

Tell us how you really feel about your safety on campus

The past 10 months have felt incredibly heavy as a woman. With the deaths of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa and most recently the increase in cases of spiking, it feels like things are getting worse. We’re clutching our keys harder, avoiding nights out and have a deeper distrust of the police.

Now a new university term has started and we want to hear from you directly about your concerns and experiences.

How does sexual assault and public sexual harassment affect your university experience? Do you skip lectures because the walk home would be in the dark? Do you avoid night outs for fear of spiking? Do you feel like your university would handle a sexual assault claim properly?

We’ve teamed up with campagin group Our Streets Now to create a survey about your experiences of public sexual harassment and sexual assault whilst attending higher education.

The data collected in this survey will be viewed as aggregate statistics by The Tab and Our Streets Now. These answers could be used within Our Streets Now’s advocacy, social media posts and submissions to government bodies, they could also be used by The Tab within writing and on social media. No individual responses will be used and data will only be accessed by members of The Tab and Our Streets Now.

Take The Tab x Our Streets Now survey here:

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