Anti-lockdown protestors hijack scenes outside Wayne Couzens’ sentencing

A person outside the Old Bailey said: ‘It’s so upsetting to see people using this as a platform to further their own cause’

Anti-lockdown protestors turned up and hijacked scenes outside the court where Wayne Couzens was just sentenced for the murder of Sarah Everard.

As soon as people waiting outside the Old Bailey heard the news that Couzens has received a whole-life sentence for the rape, kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard in March this year, anti-lockdown protestors hijacked the scenes. They seemed to be led by Piers Corbyn.

Some of the protestors had been waiting outside the Old Bailey for up to an hour before the sentencing was read out. The Tab is reporting from outside the Old Bailey as the situation escalates.

They had signs, a microphone and large speaker, and began speaking about Covid deaths, vaccines and lockdown rules. They said “the corona rules are the cause” for Couzens’ crimes.

Piers Corbyn was the protestor mainly speaking into the microphone outside the Old Bailey.

After speaking into a microphone outside the court for a number of minutes, one of the protestors stepped off the pavement, saying he wanted to respect the family of Sarah Everard if they came out.

Some of the signs from the anti-lockdown group

However, the protestors continued to hold their signs and speak right outside the doors of the Old Bailey.

Multiple members of the public were telling the protestors to be more respectful of Sarah Everard’s family, asking them to leave and stop.

The atmosphere had been tense and emotional, and many people were visibly upset.

Protestors gather outside the Old Bailey, the main entrance of which can be seen directly behind them, minutes after Wayne Couzens’ sentencing was read out

At least one of the protestors shouted at two university students, Lois and Esmina, after they said the issue was men, not lockdown.

Lois told The Tab: “This is an issue to do with men and to do with women’s rights, it’s not an issue with anything else.”

Esmina said: “It’s giving people an excuse to say ‘it’s not men, it’s a Covid law’, which is taking away from this.”

Lois said: “It’s so upsetting to see people using this as a platform to further their own cause. They don’t care. It’s horrible.”

Two young women outside the Old Bailey, Ellie and Roxanne, said they’d attended the vigil for Sarah Everard in March this year, and believed this group had also “hijacked” the vigil then.

Whilst waiting for the sentencing verdict outside the court, one of the protestors repeatedly tried to speak to me about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He also tried to engage members of the public, jumping in on a conversation a small group was having about Wayne Couzens’ sentencing.

Protestors were holding multiple different signs, which included: “Now we know why they gagged Assange” and “Paying blackmailers is a dead end: Don’t take the vaccine”.

The group had a large speaker

Yesterday saw protests outside the Old Bailey, led by a feminist group.

Protestors held banners while chanting, “we will not be silenced by police violence” and “sisters united will never be defeated.”

One banner read: “Met Police, blood on your hands,” while another stated: “Kill the bill or the Bill will kill.” Another said: “No killers, no cops. Sisters run the block.”

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