We asked a relationship expert which Love Island 2021 final couples will actually last

‘If Tyler is willing to be Kaz’s cheerleader, things should be just fine’

Love Island 2021 drew to a close last month, and *so far* it seems like all is going well for the couples who made it to the final. Liam and Millie have been hiking in Wales, Toby and Chloe are being their classic selves on nights out, Tyler and Kaz are living it up and posting couple goals selfies, whilst Teddy went down to Devon to visit Faye.

But what does an expert have to say about it all? Alex Mellor-Brook is a relationship expert and co-founder of the dating agency Select Personal Introductions. He told The Tab the next few months are “crucial” for each couple.

“They’re all exclusive, boyfriend/girlfriend now, so what happens next? Well, they’ve all got a bit to go before permanently moving in together,” he said. “Their new-found celebrity status will not help, as it will attract a lot of attention from admirers. As their lives reposition back into reality, some of their personality traits will change, affected by stresses of everyday life and their celebrity status. Another factor is, how do the reality stars get on with each other’s families and friends? We tend to listen to our most trusted confidants, so their opinions matter. Their lives will be lived under a microscope so the slightest slip up will get highlighted. If they can all get through the next 12 months, they stand a good chance of moving to a more lasting relationship. The next challenge for each couple will then be, can they live with each other?”

Overall, Alex said the show this year gave us “some interesting combinations”, but he thinks each of the finalists made some good choices about who to couple up with. Here’s everything Alex had to say about what the future has in hold for each of the Love Island 2021 couples. 👀

Millie and Liam

A relationship expert on which Love Island 2021 final couples will last, Millie and Liam

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Millie and Liam won the show together, so you’d hope they will go the distance. When asked how compatible he thinks Millie and Liam actually are, Alex said: “Millie and Liam seem to be very compatible, and the fact Liam has moved closer to Millie helps them to be able to communicate with each other in person which, in turn, will strengthen their relationship.”

Now they’re in the real world, Alex commented that the obvious struggle for Millie and Liam was distance, but with Liam moving to Essex this is no longer an issue. “They seem very suitable, but life has a way of throwing in a few speed bumps along the way,” he said. “How they deal with these experiences will test the strength of this couple. The big question is – can they live with each other?”

Chloe and Toby

Chloe and Toby

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Alex described runners-up Chloe and Toby as “bundles of fun” and as having “great energy together”. “You hope that Toby’s experience in the villa will stand him in good stead for the future and that he doesn’t become distracted again by any more admirers,” he said. Which is true, given it took many, many failed attempts with other girls in the villa for Toby to realise he wanted to go back to Chloe.

“Chloe and Toby have been through a lot and are having a great time together,” Alex added. “If they are able to support each other through the tougher parts of life, you hope they’ll have a life full of laughter.”

Faye and Teddy

A relationship expert on which Love Island 2021 final couples will last, Faye and Teddy

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Out of all the Love Island 2021 couples, Alex said that Faye and Teddy probably have the toughest future – as they are different personalities, but also provide balance for each other, with Teddy offering a calmness to Faye’s fire. But, he questions: “How will friends and family of Teddy accept what Faye said about him in her outburst in the villa. Will they forgive and forget?”

When asked which of the Love Island 2021 final couples are most likely in a relationship that might not work, Alex described Faye and Teddy as the “obvious choice”, but said he has seen relationships like theirs work. “They are more explosive and emotional, but actually have more vibrancy and passion to them, than the more sedate relationship. I actually like them as a couple,” he said.

Alex noted that Faye and Teddy are clearly taking their relationship very seriously, given they are sharing a flat, if only part time. He added: “They haven’t jumped in and committed fully, as this is an incredibly big step, but they are certainly taking their relationship for a test drive. Definite buying signals!!”

Kaz and Tyler

A relationship expert on which Love Island 2021 final couples will last, Kaz and Tyler

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Alex thinks fourth place couple Kaz and Tyler “make a great couple”, saying: “Hopefully they will last, but Kaz is a bit of a ‘leading lady’, so if Tyler is willing to be her cheerleader, things should be just fine.”

Alex has noticed that Kaz and Tyler have taken things at their pace, becoming boyfriend and girlfriend in the outside world. “Kaz is certainly someone who will remain in complete control of her destiny,” he said.

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