Sex Education stars Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindells have split - Aimee discusses the breakup

Aimee Lou Wood has spoken about split from Sex Education co-star Connor Swindells

‘We realised maybe the relationship wasn’t serving us both’ 💔

They were one of our favourite co-stars who were dating in real life, but it’s become clear that Sex Education cast members Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindells have split up. The pair kept their real life romance quite private, with people only realising they were together in real life after season one of the show – when they were together onscreen too.

The pair ended their relationship two years later in 2020, and Aimee has now said it was a mutual decision and they remain friends. “We’d had some time apart and then we realised that maybe the relationship wasn’t serving us both,” she told Grazia. She confirmed the breakup was amicable, adding: “We still really love each other and respect each other. It was an okay breakup, it wasn’t dramatic.”

However, as of now, Aimee said she is enjoying being single. “I felt like a dam burst, then all of a sudden I was hurting, but I needed to be there, because I’d become a bit numb and it was nice to suddenly feel everything again,” she said. “I find it hard when I’m in relationships to maintain my sense of who I am. I’m very independent, but I’m also quite impressionable. I can be taken away from myself quite easily, I kind of start betraying myself and compromising my integrity, to keep someone else happy. That’s why it’s really important for me to have time alone.”

The pair had met on the set of Sex Education back in 2018. Speaking to the Telegraph at the time, Connor said they only began their relationship after filming for the first season concluded. “There is no confusion to be had between our sex scenes on the show and our own personal life,” he clarified.

So that’s that, our faves Aimee Lou Wood and Connor Swindells have split. Ok, now I’m sad.

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