Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which character from Netflix’s Clickbait you are

Naturally, I will be avoiding anyone who gets Dawn x

Clickbait on Netflix is batshit crazy and it’s all thanks to the mental plot and bizarre characters. The whole show is based on a guy, Nick Brewer, who gets kidnapped and a viral video is posted online of him holding up two signs, one saying “I abuse women” and the other saying “At five million views I die”. His family, including his wife Sophie and sister Pia, spend the entire eight episodes trying to find out who the hell kidnapped Nick and what made him end up on a viral video. It’s honestly crazy, and everyone is talking about the show and Pia’s godawful haircut.

The characters are sick, there are so many different types of people in the show and they all throw huge curveballs into the plot when you think the case is going to get solved. Wondering what Clickbait character you’re most like? Take our quiz below to find out:

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