Only the queen of hyperpop herself would get 15/15 on this Charli XCX lyrics quiz

Got the key, can you unlock it?

You know that friend you have with the blandest music taste ever. That’s right, the one that only listens to BBC Radio 1 and doesn’t know any songs that haven’t charted in the Top 40. Well, I promise that even they know at least one Charli XCX song (I mean, who hasn’t heard Fancy?). But there are more dedicated fans among us, those that have got even the electronic backing vocals memorised down to a tee.

Since everyone loves at least a bit of Charli, there needs to be a way to distinguish ourselves from the more passive listener. We need to prove we know ALL the words. If you’re as excited as we are about the recent release of OUT OUT, then you need to stay IN IN and take this quiz to solidify your place as one of Charli’s angels.


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