This is where the ‘How long we fly?’ TikTok audio actually comes from

It all started with German reality TV star Detlef Steves

The “How long we fly?” audio is all over TikTok right now, often accompanying a videos of freshers anxious about how close they are to starting university.

The audio begins when a German voice says: “How long we fly?” An English voice responds: “About 20 minutes.” The German voice questions this information: “20 minutes?” The English voice confirms this to be the case before the German voice can be heard saying: “Ooooh. Double fuck.”

One TikTok with the “How long we fly?” audio has gained 55.5k likes.

@julijatasicccHelp:):#xybzca #xybzca #xybzca #viral #fypシ #school #schoolyear #howlongwefly #help #helpme♬ Originalton – Beste_Doku_Szenen

This TikTok shows a Leeds Uni student stressed about how close uni is.

@lucyowennnI’m not ready😂😰 #freshersweek #leedsuni #university #LetsGetBackOnTrack♬ Originalton – Beste_Doku_Szenen

But where does the audio actually come from? The Tab did some digging to find out.

It comes from a clip from German reality TV

@beste_doku_szenenDouble f**k #fy #fyp♬ Originalton – Beste_Doku_Szenen

The original audio comes from a German reality show in which TV personality Detlef Steves is clearly apprehensive about an upcoming flight.

Who is Detlef Steves?

Detlef Steves is a German reality star and former restaurateur. And he’s actually pretty big in Germany, boasting 478k followers on Instagram.

Steves has appeared in TV shows with fun names like, “Off to the bed,” “Pot Hunter,” and my personal favourite: “Detention! Celebrities Back To School.”

Clearly already famous in Germany, Steves has become conscious of his newfound international TikTok meme status, posting this video:

@detlefstevesWenn man seinen eigenen Trend verpasst… #howlong #memedesmonats #doublefvck #detlefsteves♬ Originalton – Beste_Doku_Szenen

In the video, Steves asks: “How many videos with the audio have there been?” The answer: 50,000.

While Steves has rather upsettingly shaved off his iconic beard, he’s still an absolute hero.

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