Love Island Gossip Column: Someone BROKE INTO the villa! And is there another dumping?

The intruder was ‘dragged out’ by security as the Islanders slept

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2021 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Love Island has been slightly rescheduled tonight

Just starting today with a friendly PSA that the show tonight will be at 10pm and air until 11:05pm, because of the England game. Now let’s get onto the GOSSIP.

The latest news and gossip from the Love Island 2021 villa

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An intruder broke into the villa whilst the Islanders slept last night

It’s been reported that a YouTuber has attempted to break into the villa as the Islanders slept. Prank video creator, Omer Majid, is said to have live streamed himself walking under the lights in front of the villa, before a voice shouting “you’re trespassing” could be heard. Bosses are now said to be investigating the security breach, after bouncers spotted the intruder in the garden of the Majorca villa and were forced to drag him out of the building.

A spokesperson for ITV confirmed the intrusion to MailOnline and said the area of the villa the prankster was in has been “deep cleaned” to comply with Covid-19 measures. “Last night a security breach was identified and an intruder was removed from the villa with immediate effect,” they said. “The safety of both our Islanders and our production crew remains our primary concern.” They confirmed he did not manage to get near any of the Islanders.

Majid later told The Daily Star that he had planned the break in days ago. He said: “I literally flew here just to do that from the UK. I found the area vicinity through internet searches. Then I drove around for about five hours the day before scouting the location trying to find an entry.” He said villa was “really secure” but he found a way through the trees. He added: “We [himself and his camera man] heard a noise and saw a flash light. At this moment we got scared and stood still and I could just hear radios as they looked for us. Luckily the security on the other side moved away as they spotted my camera man and told him to get out. I then ran for the villa and called my friend so he could put me back on the live stream.”

We found some old pictures of new bombshell Lucinda

Bombshell Lucinda is turning everyone’s head it appears. We went on her Instagram tagged photos and found some pictures of her before she was Love Island ready. This picture was posted by a friend, wishing Lucinda a happy 17th birthday – cute!

via Instagram @bonniewest_

Hugo and Chuggs fought over a girl at uni!

When Chuggs entered the villa, it was clear he and Hugo knew each other from their uni days at Oxford Brookes together. The boys apparently fought over girls in the past, which had Hugo worried that him entering the villa could have been like history repeating itself. An insider told the Sun: “Hugo and Chuggs knew each other through sport at uni – I think they were both interested in the same girl and went head to head on trying to date her.”

Lucinda’s ex-boyfriend is a footballer who cheated on her

The latest news and gossip from the Love Island 2021 villa

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New bombshell Lucinda Strafford looks like she’s getting the last laugh with her ex-boyfriend, as she’s now in the Love Island villa after he cheated on her. She dated Brighton & Hove Albion winger Aaron Connolly for two years, but they broke up after he cheated on her with someone else – and it all got caught on video. He had been living with Lucinda, but they split up days after he was caught on film sleeping with another woman, who he had invited to a teammate’s house.

Aaron is now said to be very angry about her going on the show, after they had reportedly met up a few more times before she told him she was going into the villa. Yikes.

Rachel is left in tears AGAIN

The latest news and gossip from the Love Island 2021 villa

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Tonight, new girls Millie and Lucinda will be able to go on some dates with the boys. Millie chooses Aaron to cook her starter, Liam for her main course and Hugo to share a dessert with. It looks like Aaron gets his head turned by Millie. Lucinda chooses Brad to share a starter with, Hugo to cook for her main course and Aaron for her dessert. The dates clearly go well, and Rachel is left in tears.

People are convinced there’s going to be ANOTHER shock dumping

The very eagle-eyed among us have realised that there is probably going to be another shock dumping in the next couple of days, now that Lucinda and Millie have come into the villa. Why you ask? There simply aren’t enough beds for them all!

Brad was left homeless aged 11

A Newcastle newspaper has today recalled reports of a fire at Brad’s house when he was aged just 11. The fire, in 2006, left him homeless and this was when he moved in with his nana. According to ChronicleLive the fire “gutted the family home” and had been started by Brad’s two-year-old brother, Mackenzie McClelland, as he was playing with his mum’s cigarette lighter.

A postman spotted the blaze and saved the family by banging on the door and alerting them to what was happening. However, the family lost everything and were forced to move into Brad’s nan’s house where the labourer has lived ever since. At the time, Brad’s mother told ChronicleLive: “The firemen said that if it hadn’t been for the postman we would have been dead. We can’t thank him enough.”

Liam is friends with an old Islander!

It looks like new Islander Liam Reardon has a secret connection to an old Love Islander!! It’s been revealed that he is good pals with Love Island series one star, Joshua Ritchie. According to reports, the pair have “known each other for years” and spent Liam’s 21st birthday together in Ibiza last year. There are pics on Instagram to prove it, too. Liam shared a picture of them out on jet skis together.

via Instagram @liamreardon1

Love Island really is a small world, ey?

Arabella is getting cosy with Tom Zanetti???

Shortly after his split from Made in Chelsea star Sophie Hermann, DJ Tom Zanetti has been getting very cosy with 2019 Islander Arabella Chi, in Ibiza. They’ve been pictured on a night out and at a restaurant together, with Arabella seen leaning on Tom. She’s also been all over his Instagram story.

via Instagram @tomzanettitz

Emma Woodhams wishes she’d never had sex with Terry in front of everyone

One of, if not the, standout moment of Love Island season two was when Emma and Terry had sex on top of the sheets in front of all the other Islanders, convinced this would mean it wouldn’t be aired. Speaking to New! Magazine, five years on, she said: “There’s not a day goes by that I don’t wish I hadn’t done that.” Emma is now a happy single mum to her three-year-old son, Alfie.

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Greg has been selected for the Olympics!

2019 winner Greg O’Shea has confirmed he has been selected to play rugby for Ireland at the Olympics. He tweeted saying: “They always say hard work pays off but I actually believe it now. Being selected for the Olympics is a dream come true!”

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