Meet all the siblings and parents of the Too Hot To Handle season two contestants

Why can’t my family have genes this good?

Since the final episodes of Too Hot to Handle have been released, there’s a universal question on everyones mind: Are their families just as fit as them?

After some digging, the answer is yes, absolutely. Now we finally know why the cast is blessed with the most unbelievable genetics, and it leaves us to wonder.. where did natural selection go wrong in my family tree?

Here are all of the family members of the Too Hot To Handle season two cast:

Robert Van Tromp

Robert is here looking very dapper on a cruise with his two siblings, in a pic from his brother James’ Instagram.

Robert’s siblings don’t seem to follow in his playboy ways. His sister seems to keep a very private life and doesn’t use Instagram. His brother James is married to his wife, Andrea, and has a one-year-old daughter.

James is a founder to two successful companies and lives a jet setting lifestyle, with his Insta showing him travelling with his family.

Christina Carmela

Christina snuggles up next to her mum here in an adorable Mother’s Day post made by here brother Marco.

And here’s Christina and her brother Marco:

Via Instagram @marcopolo_sa

Christina’s brother is an engineer but clearly has the same passion for travelling as his sister, as his bio says “lets go on an adventure”.

Here he is gushing over his sister and mother, calling them “the three musketerios”, which is so adorable.


Marvin Anthony

Marvin loves to show off his drop dead GORGEOUS mum on the gram. As he should.

The pair are always looking stylish and glamorous together and his mum Micheline has an Instagram of her own too.

Marvin makes an appearance on his mum’s Instagram here where they film the coolest video I’ve ever seen. If I’m not like her in 20 years, I’ll be fuming.

Chase DeMoor

Chase’s mum, Jennifer, is honestly the cutest woman in the world. She is her son’s number one fan and nothing as ever been as wholesome as her Instagram.

Here she is talking about how proud she is of his time on Too Hot to Handle. I could cry.

Cam we just all agree that we would die for this woman?

Peter Vigilante

Here comes triple trouble. The TikTok influencer has two more just as handsome siblings for us to enjoy, as they’re pictured here on Peter’s Instagram as a, to quote his caption, “triple threat”.

While his brother Joseph’s Instagram is private, we can still give his other brother Gianni’s a good stalk, as he blesses our timeline with a very suave snap of him all suited and booted.

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Featured image via Instagram @marvin.anthony_ @james_van_tromp