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This is how many followers the Love Island cast gained on Instagram after the first episode

One of them gained 40,800 Instagram followers in a DAY

Love Island and Instagram go together like beans on toast. An essential duo. One simply cannot survive without the other.

Every Islander knows when they leave that iconic villa they’re set for a career filled with influencer brand deals and sponsored ads. It’s the way the reality tv cookie crumbles in 2021. And why not? There are worse ways to make your money than by flogging Boohoo hoodies on your Instagram.

As soon as the cast is announced, they all notoriously get a huge increase on social media. Yours Clothing conducted a study that has revealed which member of the cast is the most popular after the launch. Here are all the Love Islanders ranked by how many followers they gained overnight:

11. Jake – 6,700 increase

The Love Island toe sucker of 2021 Jake Cornish saw his Instagram followers increase from 15,000 to 21,700.

10. Chloe – 10,700 increase

Chloe Burrows was only in last night’s episode for a hot minute via that haunting voice note, but she still saw her Instagram followers almost double. She went from 11,400 t0 22,100.

9. Sharon – 11,400 increase

The Love Island destroyer of white jeans saw her Instagram followers go from 26,800 to 38,200 after the premiere.

8. Aaron – 12,000 increase

Aaron Francis’ followers on Instagram went from 11,400 t0 23,400 after Love Island debuted.

7. Toby – 14,300 increase

14,300 people liked the look of Toby’s toe sucking, and his Instagram followers went from 18,400 t0 32,700.

6. Kaz – 18,800 increase

Influencer Kaz Kamwi started her Love Island journey with a lot more followers on Instagram than most of the cast, but still saw a huge increase taking her from 72,700 t0 91,500.

5. Hugo – 19,300 increase

Hugo left his PE teacher days behind for the villa, and has seen his Instagram followers shoot up from 18,800 to 32,700 in the process.

4. Liberty – 20,100 increase

Youngest Love Island cast member this year Liberty Poole saw her Instagram followers increase from 22,100 to 42,2oo, almost doubling what she started with.

3. Faye – 20,400 increase

The villa’s resident estate agent Faye Winter comes in third, with her Instagram follower count going from 13,000 to 33,400 after Love Island premiered.

2. Shannon – 32,000 increase

Shannon Singh was already the most followed Islander, with a whopping 191,000 followers on Instagram on launch day. She now has 223,000.

1. Brad – 47,100 increase (!)

Could it be anyone else at the top spot? The Northumberland labourer is the fittest man on earth right now, and saw his Instagram followers double and then some after Love Island premiered. He’s gone from 29,000 to 76,100 in ONE DAY.

Featured image credit: @brad_mcclell, @kazkamwi, @libertypoolex

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