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The holy day has finally arrived – Love Island is back. The 2021 season is kicking off with 11 insanely attractive Islanders and you need to be following their Instagrams straight away.

This year’s cast features a civil servant, a PT and a semi-professional footballer. They all naturally have very fun and fit Instagram accounts showcasing their lives pre Love Island.

There’s six girls and five guys so far, and amongst these are two influencers who are already used to a big Instagram following. The rest of the cast are soon to catch up with thousands of followers. If you want to be one of them, then this is where to follow the Love Island 2021 cast on Instagram:


via Instagram @sharongaffka

Instagram handle: @sharongaffka

Followers: 88,700

First up is Sharon Gaffka’s Instagram which is full of fun night out pics, usually with a pink neon light in the background. She posts a lot of outfit posts and selfies as well.

Her Instagram bio shows off how well rounded Sharon is. In her bio she says she is a “future lawyer” and “Miss International UK 2018”. Sharon also includes a link to the Young Women’s Trust, who she is an ambassador for.


via Instagram @aaronfranciis

Instagram handle: @aaronfranciis

Followers: 68,900

Aaron’s Instagram is incredibly aesthetic which is exactly what you’d expect of someone working in events. It features a lot of travel pictures of Aaron in places like Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

His Instagram also features a LOT of topless photos and some fun pictures with his mates. Aaron’s bio is pretty simple and just includes a reference to his talent agency Linden Staub.


via Instagram @libertypoolex

Instagram handle: @libertypoolex

Followers: 169,000

Liberty is a Nando’s waitress but there is no reference to this on her Instagram, instead it’s full of incredibly fit photos of her. There’s night out photos and plenty of self timer shots.

Just like any classic Islander Liberty also has Instagram Highlights dedicated to her trips to Dubai and the UAE. Oh and of course one for the girlies.


love island 2021 Instagrams

via Instagram @hugo_hammond_

Instagram handle: @hugo_hammond_

Followers: 111,000

Hugo is an Oxford Brookes graduate and his Instagram page certainly reflects that. There’s plenty of night out pictures of Hugo in clubs holding bottles, in particular a few in Fishies.

But it’s not just fun nights out, Hugo also shares thirst trap pictures with dogs and the occasional shot of his PE lessons.


love island 2021 Instagrams

via Instagram @shannonsinghhh

Instagram handle: @shannonsinghhh

Followers: 370,000

Shannon is easily the most followed of this year’s Islanders with over 190k followers thanks to her career as an influencer before heading into the villa. She regularly posts fire pictures in her bikini or underwear.

Shannon’s Instagram bio is pretty small but sums up what she’s into. She said she’s a “gamer, DJ and model”.


via Instagram @jakecornish7

Instagram handle: @jakecornish7

Followers: 58,400

Jake has a pretty typical Instagram feed for a male Love Islander. His profile is full of photos with the lads, shirtless selfies and pictures on holiday. Naturally partying in Ibiza.


via Instagram @kazkamwi

Instagram handle: @kazkamwi

Followers: 163,000

Like Shannon, Kaz already had a pretty big Instagram following before Love Island due to her career as an influencer. Her Instagram is full of at home photoshoots and videos promoting products for certain brands.

Kaz has done sponsored posts for Boux Avenue, Primark and Miss Selfridge which are all posted on her Instagram, as well as her collaboration with SkinnyDip.


via Instagram @brad_mcclell

Instagram handle: @brad_mcclell

Followers: 173,000

Brad’s Instagram is also pretty typical of a male Love Islander as it includes gym shots and fun photos from holidays. Unlike other Islanders Brad regularly posts photos dedicated to walking adventures.

Brad’s bio features the line you see on nearly every dating app profile “gym goer & coffee lover”.


via Instagram @chloe_burrows

Instagram handle: @chloe_borrows

Followers: 89,500

Chloe’s Instagram is very reflective of the fun party girl image she gave in her introductory video. It’s full of night out pictures and fit selfies.

And if you’d hadn’t figured out already she loves a peace sign when posing.


love island 2021 Instagrams

via Instagram @tobyaromolaran

Instagram handle: @tobyaromoloaran

Followers: 86,300

Unlike the rest of the Islanders, Toby doesn’t have many posts on his Instagram profile. The main pictures he posts are of him playing football for the team Hashtag United FC.

He occasionally posts a picture of himself on a night out.


love island 2021 Instagrams

via Instagram @faye_winter

Instagram handle: @faye_winter

Followers: 113,000

Faye regularly posts pictures of herself looking dressed up and out with her friends.

Faye’s Instagram also pays homage to one of her passions which is looking after guide dogs. She has an entire Highlight dedicated to the various dogs she looks after on the weekends. It’s definitely worth a scroll through if you’re in need of some cute dog photos.


via Instagram @liamreardon1

Instagram handle: @liamreardon1

Followers: 33,500

Liam was the series first male bombshell alongside Chuggs. His Instagram is pretty typical of a male Islander it contains pictures of holidays, nights out and family photos.

Liam also has a few hiking pictures like Brad, maybe the two can go on a trip together after the show?


via Instagram @chuggswallis

Instagram handle: @chuggswallis

Followers: 24,800

If you didn’t already think Chuggs was the poshest person ever on Love Island, then his Instagram will definitely confirm it for you. It’s full of pictures of him playing rugby, wearing a coat and tails, driving a Land Rover Defender and of course going to the Ivy with his equally posh and blonde family.

He’s also got many Highlights dedicated to all the international trips he’s been on.


via Instagram @rayfinn

Instagram handle: @rayfinn

Followers: 19,200

Rachel’s entrance to the villa stirred up a whole load of drama in the villa and her Instagram is full of dramatic looks. She mainly posts selfies, pictures from nights out and the occasional bikini shot.


via Instagram @lucindastrafford

Instagram handle: @lucindastrafford

Followers: 72,400

Two new bombshells are entering the villa for episode eight, one of which is Lucinda who has a fire Instagram. She already has over 70,000 followers thanks in part to her brand The Luxe Range.

Lucinda’s Instagram is essentially just full of pictures of her looking ridiculously fit in various outfits.


via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Instagram handle: @milliegracecourt

Followers: 7,000

Millie will be entering the villa with Lucinda tonight and currently works as a fashion buyer at ASOS. Her fashion background makes a lot of sense when you look at her Instagram which is full of cool outfit looks.

Millie also posts photos with her mates on nights out.

All follower counts correct at time of publishing. 

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