Queer anthems

10 LGBTQ+ people share their ultimate queer anthems and what each of them means to them

Get these bangers on your Pride playlist immediately


Every queer person has their Pride anthems. That handful of songs that feel like your own sanctuary. You put them on, and you feel untouchable.

Music and Pride go hand in hand. That’s the way it’s been for decades, as we not only march and protest for LGBTQ+ rights and equality, but celebrate being in each other’s company for the month and party proudly together.

Being LGBTQ+, finding that one song that’s your definitive queer anthem can be a cathartic moment. It could be a song written directly about queer struggles and acceptance that resonates strongly with you, or just a big banger that inspires you to be the best version of yourself and live your truth.

The Tab asked 10 people to share their queer anthems with us, and let us know exactly why they’re blasting it loud this Pride month.

Abi – Starstruck by Years & Years and Kylie Minogue

Years & Years have been one of my favourite groups for so long! I feel like their music has soundtracked some of my happiest moments. Their music fills you with that joy of having the sun on your skin, or driving with the windows down signing with your bestie and the radio on full blast.

Just when you thought I couldn’t love Years & Years and the ICON that is Olly Alexander any more, he teams up with KYLIE. MINOGUE. Kylie’s not only a huge ally for us, but an absolute icon whose discography I could listen to forever.

I loved Starstruck anyway, but now they’ve collaborated it’s just elevated it. It’s the new Pride anthem we deserve for 2021.

Brett – Secret Love Song by Little Mix

Obviously not the most joyful song for a Pride anthem, but I first heard Secret Love Song when I was still in the closet. I’d come home from uni and kept getting asked if I had a girlfriend yet. Because of this, I just immediately related to the lyrics of constantly having to hide the way you feel.

Post-coming out, it feels euphoric to sing along to now I’m in a place where I’m free to love whoever I want and tell everyone about it. Even though it’s sang by straight women, I think a lot of LGBTQ+ people resonate with it and it’s often dedicated to our community when the girls perform it live.

Kayne – Not Giving Up by The Saturdays

My queer anthem is DEFINITELY Not Giving Up by The Saturdays. It was my first ever iTunes purchase and I think it was then at age 15 when I realised my sexuality.

When I listen to the song now, I just remember baby Kayne not really knowing that this would be the song to literally define his gay existence. With all that said… Alexa, play The Saturdays Greatest Hits Megamix.

Ross – Faith by George Michael

Taken from his astounding album Faith, it’s lead single and title track is still as relevant as ever. It’s the perfect pop track, and resonates even more so throughout Pride Month.

Whilst his solo debut album was released back in 1987, George Michael’s stories of the gay community and coming to terms with his sexuality still speak volumes within our community today.

It’s a song that’s helped so many feel accepted for years and will do for years to come. Even now, when the world feels like it’s spiralling backwards, George would still be singing “I gotta have faith”.

Patrick – I Believe In You by Kylie Minogue

Nothing transports me back to being nine years old in 2004 quite like I Believe In You by Kylie. Co-written by the Aussie pop princess herself along with the Scissor Sisters. It’s about struggling to believe in anything except your lover.

It really encompasses the spirit of quintessential queer anthems – a fun, disco-infused floor filler filled with synths that overlay quite a profound message for a young gay more comfortable in the company of Britney than Beckham. It’s the kind of song that really resonates when you’ve had to live your life in secrecy.

Thank you, Kylie, for your endless support, love and god-tier bops.

Harry – Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves

You know when you hear a song and just feel like it was written for you? Rainbow by Kacey is that for me.

I’ve never been one for slow songs, but it just hits different. Seeing the impact it’s had on everyone who’s listened to it has given our community a sense of togetherness. We’re not going through these issues alone.

Even if it’s just a three minute song, for those three minutes I know everything is going to be okay.

Katie – Sofia by Clairo

Sofia is one of the best LGBTQ+ love songs of all time.

The whole album is about discovering having crushes on girls. but Sofia is about celebrating your sexuality which is something I am starting to do.The song is so intimate as well, it’s nice to see a romantic song about women loving women. There’s not many out there, and that’s why Sofia is always going to be at the top of my gay playlists.

Connor – Wow by Kylie Minogue

Queer anthems

Kylie is so revered with the gays. She’s one of our most beloved pop girls.

This song came out when I was only eight years old. It still to this day reminds me of when I would strut round the house like a little queen, trying to hide the fact I was gay from my parents.

We’ve not had the chance to dance around all sweaty in crowded gay clubs since before the pandemic, but listening to Wow can still fill me with that level of euphoria. It’s one of my queer anthems and always will be.

Rod (AKA queer musician Bright Light Bright Light) – I Know A Place by MUNA

Queer anthems

I think I Know A Place is the best song released within the last decade.

The second I heard it, its message of care, hope and love just won me over. The production and the lyrics are incredible and the background vocals literally make me ascend. It’s just a song that felt like an anthem the moment I heard it.

I can’t think of a modern song that’s offered this much resistance and defiance and still managed to sound so utterly warm and beautiful. Perfection. Absolute perfection.

Helena – Like a Prayer by Madonna

Queer anthems

As someone who was raised religious and made their own to choice to separate from religion and come out as queer when I was 16, Like A Prayer always felt like a very full circle anthem to me.

I sometimes miss the feeling of being in a church, ad so I made a playlist called Euphoric Pop Hymns; songs that sound and feel religious but also safe and full of love. Like A Prayer is that exact feeling in a song for me and that’s why it’s an essential when it comes to my queer anthems

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