Daniel and Lily, The Undateables

Daniel and Lily from The Undateables have broken up I am totally heartbroken

Is true love even real????

Daniel and Lily from The Undateables have broken up. Daniel himself announced the sad news on TikTok earlier this week.

The couple met back in 2015 on Channel 4’s hit show The Undateables, and it was when they returned for the Christmas special, Daniel proposed to Lily.

32-year-old Daniel revealed the break up via TikTok, he posted this video which has reached 1.8 million views and almost 200,000 likes.

@officialdanielwakefordJust wanted to let you all know ❤️ #danielwakeford #fypシ #foryou #breakup #theundateables #single♬ original sound – Daniel Wakeford

In the video where he addresses the break up to his 400,000 followers, he says: “Hello everyone, this is Daniel Wakeford here. Listen, I just want to let you all know because my and Lily are always being romantic for the last three years, but we decide to end our relationship together.”

He continued: “So me and Lily, we’re friends, but I’m very good to be alone.”

He ended the video saying “this summer I might flirt with you so watch out girls” and then did a cheeky point at the camera with a smile.

Overall in the video, Daniel looked very happy but people on Twitter are totally heartbroken. One person said: “Just found out Daniel and Lily from Undateables have broken up. My day is ruined.”

Another person said the iconic couples break up “proves love isn’t real”

Honestly, this break up has hit people more than Maura and Chris from Love Island.

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