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Here are 16 icks which make people on TikTok want to run away and never come back

Hun, you’re going to have to run for your LIFE if he already knows his birth chart

By now everyone should have seen the viral running away TikTok trend. And if you haven’t, well that’s just an ick in itself.

In the popular TikTok videos people are seen slowly running away from the camera, looking back every now and then and when the beat drops in the song, they start to sprint. The song playing in the background is Mitski’s song Nobody and the lyrics we hear are from the chorus which goes like this: “Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, ooh, nobody, nobody, nobody.” It’s as simple as that.

But what makes it go viral and appear all over our FYPs is the captioned icks. One person on TikTok revealed their ick was when a man already knows his birth chart – a huge red flag. Another person claimed an ick for them is when their partner confidently tells them they cannot cook, which is pretty fair.

Here are 16 videos from the viral TikTok trend where people run away from their icks:

1. HANG OUT ALONE??? No thanks

@michellewozniakand sober… #foryou #fyp #foryoupagе♬ original sound – siennamae

2. Mum pick me up, I’m scared x

@m4rvj#fyp♬ original sound – siennamae

3. Get away from me

@emma_0009no🏃‍♀️#fyp#foryou#foryoupage#hashtag♬ original sound – siennamae

4. Uhhhh I don’t use the second one, promise

@michellewozniakuhhh uhhhh idk must have been a glitch. #foryou #foryoupage #fyp♬ original sound – siennamae

5. RIP to all those we lost whilst fighting for their lives in the group chat

@hassina.bahari just kno he ab to be flamed #fypシ #MACscaraface #groupchat♬ original sound – siennamae

6. I don’t do vulnerability, see ya

@aryiaofficial🤗♬ original sound – siennamae

7. We need passwords for our notes app

@michellewozniakthat’s when i turn into a 6’5 300 lb nfl player #foryou #foryoupage #fyp♬ original sound – siennamae

8. Run away and never look back

@chunkyoatmilk12#classic #men♬ original sound – siennamae

9. Wtf?? Don’t listen to what I say

@leila_giacwe’ve all been there ladies #fyp #foryoupage♬ original sound – siennamae

10. Psychology students are too much

@danessyaugusteeI don’t want no professional gaslighter♬ original sound – siennamae

11. WHAT??

@veronica.h9#girlboss♬ original sound – siennamae

12. Sorry my camera is broken x

@michellewozniaksorry I fell asleep 😩 #foryou #foryoupage♬ original sound – siennamae

13. Business is worse than psychology

@boobcake♬ original sound – siennamae

14. ‘They always have a need to gaslight’

@i.simp.for.sinclairThey always have a superiority complex and a need to gaslight♬ original sound – siennamae

15. You can’t cook??

@i.simp.for.sinclairIt’s just following a few instructions next youre going to tell me you can’t understand why I’m upset about my dog dying♬ original sound – siennamae

16. ABORT MISSION!! He’s done this before, luv

@thatmoroccanb1t4hCOMMUNITY MEAT🚨🚨‼️♬ original sound – siennamae

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