A definitive ranking of the 13 worst outfits ever featured on Friends

Ross’ leather trousers are ugly and you can’t tell me otherwise

It’s fair to say our generation grew up with Friends and the show will always have a special place in our hearts. But it’s easy to look back on Friends with rose-tinted glasses and forget all its wrong-doings, one of those being all of the worst, most questionable choices in outfits made by the characters.

With 90s and Y2K fashion being super trendy at the moment, the characters of Friends and other popular 90s TV shows are held as some what of fashion icons for the youth of today.

Whilst the show definitely served us some absolute lewks, from Phoebe’s eccentric style to the classic Rachel hair cut thats making a come back in 2021, the show also made some major fashion blunders that just can’t be excused so easily.

In case you’d forgotten some of the biggest crimes against fashion Friends committed here’s 13 of the worst, from outfits that are so-bad-it’s-funny to just plain inexcusable.

Here’s a definitive ranking of the 13 worst outfits Friends ever featured:

13. Phoebe’s Christmas broach

friends worst outfits

Whilst I do give her kudos for resourcefulness, the broach is so ugly that Phoebe would have been better off going out with the stain on her dress.

12. All of Joey’s V necks

I can’t tell you why it does but the piece of chest hair that sticks out of Joey’s V necks morbidly offends me and for that reason alone his jumper choice has made it onto this list.

11. Literally all of Ross’ ridiculous costumes

friends worst outfits

This one just proves that Ross had way too much time on his hands if he was able to make or source these costumes. Why not try putting the same amount of effort into your three marriages, bestie.

10. The women’s jumper

friends worst outfits

Whilst this was a hilariously well timed and well executed scene in the episode ‘The One With The Birth Mother’, this jumper doesn’t look because Ross was the one wearing it, it looks bad because its just an ugly jumper.

9. Frankie says Relax

friends worst outfits

What makes this outfit so bad is the added level of pettiness *chef’s kiss*

8. Monica’s diner uniform

friends worst outfits

It’s the bra stuffed with tissue and misogyny for me.

7. Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothes

friends worst outfits

Whilst I’m all for the layering trend, this outfit just takes it a little far. Just imagine how impractical this would be, not to, mention the SWEAT. No thank you.

6. Honorable mention: Marcel’s tutu

Marcel go home, you’re drunk.

5. Mr Heckle’s dressing gown

Look I respect wanting to live 24/7 in your pyjamas but at least do it with a little class. If you’re lacking inspo, pop Molly-Mae a follow for some lounge wear fashion tips rather than wearing a dressing gown that looks like someone died in it. Well, I guess someone actually did die in it. RIP Mr Heckles.

4. Rachel’s wedding dress

friends worst outfits

This dress just proves money doesn’t buy taste.

3. Rachel’s mismatched mum outfit

Whilst all the characters served us looks throughout the series, Rachel was always my biggest fashion inspiration and I don’t understand why her outfits changed so drastically after she had Emma. The wardrobe department really did her dirty with that one.

2. Ross’ leather trousers

Now this, this is a controversial one. I’ve seen some people obviously out of their heads, saying this is one of the best outfits ever featured on the show. All I ask is, where? He looks like a forgotten about 80s pop star who can’t let go of their youth and everyone else is embarrassed on their behalf. All the outfit is missing is a singular hoop earring.

1. Barry and Mindy’s bridesmaids dresses

friends worst outfits

Little Bo Peep who?

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