friends last episode quiz

It’s been 17 years, so how well do you remember the final episode of Friends?

But does Rachel get off the plane?!

It’s been nearly 20 years since the last episode of Friends aired and I still shed a few tears when the cast hand over their keys. But how much of the finale do you actually remember? It’s time to find out with our Friends last episode quiz.

The last episode of the series was 47 minutes full of tears, laughter and birds. We see Erica give birth to Monica and Chandler’s twins, Rachel nearly jet off to Paris and the end of the foosball table. It’s difficult to choose which bit is the most emotional, but it’s probably the foosball table being busted up.

It was the perfect episode to complete the iconic series, and after the reunion dropped last week, everyone has been rapidly rewatching every episode going. If you’ve managed to race through right to the end already then you should have no problem getting full marks on this quiz.

To test your Friends super fan knowledge take our last ever episode quiz to find out just how much you know:

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