You can’t say you’re a girl on TikTok unless you fit one of these 11 aesthetics

Feel like I’m a mix of Y2K and ‘that girl’

TikTok has been around for less than two years and yet it’s already created countless aesthetics. There’s the “that girl”, light academia, art hoe and many many more.

These aesthetics aren’t necessarily new – subcultures have been around on the internet ever since we first logged onto Tumblr. But the emergence of TikTok has enabled girls to engage in subculture aesthetics like never before. A short 10 second video sums up your entire aesthetic far more than your Tumblr page ever could. And thank god you can explain it quickly because there’s so many TikTok aesthetics to get through.

Everyday on the For You Page there’s a new aesthetic that TikTok users are embracing. They show off the clothes, the make up, the activities and reference points associated with that aesthetic.

Though some have a level of overlap with other aesthetics they all still have their firm identities and the type of girl who embodies that particular aesthetic.

This is your guide to every single TikTok aesthetic that’s people are doing this summer:


Ok so this is the most mainstream aesthetic you’re going to see on TikTok this summer. The Y2K girl is the cool girl that gives off you can’t sit with us energy, which is pretty fitting as the aesthetic is based off the early 2000s.

For the Y2K girl Regina George, Paris Hilton and Destiny’s Child are her go to reference points. She’s all about embracing early 2000s trends like butterfly clips, low rise jeans, Juicy Couture trackies and slogan tops.

She probably studies psychology at a Russel Group but spends most of her time working on her Depop sourcing “vintage” pieces.

Coconut Girl

The coconut girl is kinda like a mix of the OG VSCO girl and a hippie version of the Y2K girl. If you’re looking for inspiration then head to the movie Aquamarine and the TV show H2O.

She lives in hibiscus print, flip flops and shell necklaces. She’ll shop in Roxy, Billabong and Patagonia. She actually doesn’t wear makeup and has perfectly curled blonde hair and tanned skin from her days on the beach.

She’ll spend her day swimming, eating frozen yoghurt and hanging out with boys because “they’re less drama”, she’s basically Lucie from Love Island.

Light Academia

There’s two types of academia aesthetics going around TikTok right now and the first is light academia.

Picture reading, visiting museums and sitting by the French Rivera in the sun learning and you’ve got light academia. The light academia girls wear white shirts, cable knit sweaters and spend their time wishing they were in Call Me By Your Name.

They probably go to Oxford or Cambridge, cycling round the city and showing off about everything they learnt in their philosophy seminar.

Dark Academia

Basically the same as light academia but it’s darker.

It’s more about coffee, moody book shops and feeling like you’re in the Secret History by Donna Tart.

They wear thick turtle necks and carry their poetry in leather satchels.

That Girl

that girl tiktok

The “that girl” is just that girl you know who always seems to have her life together. She works out before 9am, does yoga and pilates, drinks green juices and black coffee.

She studies hard, has a side hustle, writes in a gratitude journal and still has time to see her mates. She doesn’t really have a definitive style because she mainly just spends her time in Lululemon leggings and crop top to show off her abs she’s spent months working on. She will of course tell you she doesn’t go to the gym much.

That girl aesthetic is all about working on your self to become your best self and their videos usually look like they’ve come straight from Pinterest.


The E-girl is the original TikTok aesthetic as it quite literally means electronic girl. It used to be associated with girls who sell nudes online, however now it’s essentially the 2021 version of Tumblr girls.

They wear winged eyeliner, never have their natural hair colour and paint their nails black. Their wardrobe consists of thigh high socks, Vans and striped tops underneath a band t-shirt.

They have a deep love of anime, spend all their time on TikTok and probably date a guy who owns a skateboard.

Cottage core

Cottage core really became a thing during the first lockdown last year. Cottage core is all about embracing the countryside life  – think floral floaty dresses, baking a pie and going for a picnic.

It can best be summed up by Taylor Swift’s album Folklore and embraces the quiet wholesome life. Cottage core girls probably know how to knit or embroider.

They’re not into drinking and prefer to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. Preferably in their parents’ second home in the Cotswolds.

Art hoe

The clue is in the name, this aesthetic is all about the people who love art. They study graphic design, fine art or photography.

They most definitely have a TikTok set up for their new art business and film themselves painting. They wear dungarees with rainbow jumpers with a messy bun on top.

They’ve got a few tattoos, one of them is probably a quote, and their shoes rotate between Doc Martens, Vans and Converse. Their room is covered in posters and postcards from their time at art galleries, which they obviously attended with a Fjallraven Kanken backpack.


The Baddie is basically every influencer on Instagram right now. Tammy Hembrow is their goddess. They work out everyday, shop in PLT and try to get into every single Mayfair restaurant but will settle for a bottomless brunch at Turtle Bay.

They’ve defo sent off a Love Island application, know what contouring is and always look perfect in their mirror selfies.

Baddies definitely always have a fresh set of nails, tell you to dump him in the loos and have a pink glitter phone case. They probably study fashion marketing or business.

Plant mom

The plant mom is similar to the art hoe but their interest is more on the environment and cultural issues.

They shop at Urban Outfitters, are the first people at a protest or rally and of course they call their extensive plant collection their “babies”.

They’ve got a few tattoos, never wear a bra and have a strong rollies addiction.

Christian Girl Autumn

The girls who are into Christian Girl Autumn are the pumpkin spice bitches from a few years ago. They don’t exist in summer but come September 1st they are out in full force talking about cozy days, watching Gilmore Girls and trying all of Costa’s festive drinks.

They’re definitely studying to become a teacher, as they actually don’t find children annoying. They won’t come on any nights out with you, instead preferring to scroll through Pinterest whilst having a Harry Potter marathon.

They’re easily the most cheugy of all the TikTok aesthetics.

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