These 25 ‘the scene the camera man’ memes will leave you sobbing

‘Up’ made me ugly cry

You might not want to admit it but we all have our go-to movies, TV shows or sad videos that we watch when we need a good cry. This is coming from someone who frequently searches ‘Britain’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Emotional’ on YouTube.

People on Twitter have been reflecting on some of the more emotional scenes which really struck a chord with us. Whether you chuck on Grey’s Anatomy, Bridge to Terabithia or France’s Eurovision 2021 entry, it’s normal to force a few tears every now and then.

Here is 25 emotional “the scene the camera man” memes:

1. Fleabag hits different

2. I haven’t cried like this since 2008

3. Not the plane crash

4. No man has made me cry quite like Dylan O’Brien

5. “He can’t see without his glasses” I am weeping

6. Red and Nicky’s bond was like no other

7. Brb, rewatching CMBYN

8. I will stan Jim and Pam until the day I die

9. Teen Wolf producers knew exactly what they were doing with this one

10. ‘Up’ made me ugly cry

11. Shrek really ticked all the boxes

12. The Iron Giant is beautiful

13. Newt’s death was too much for me

14. “Don’t be a stranger”

15. The Bridge to Terabithia shaped my childhood

16. Voilà was stunning

17. I can’t believe they killed Dobby

18. It’s so weird we cried over animated cars

19. The quaterback episode was so sad

20. The end of an era

21. Glee has no business being this sad wtf

22. They are meant to be together and you cannot convince me otherwise


24. Cried over how bad it was

25. “I wolf you”

Feautred image courtesy of Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash.

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