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Everything we know about the Friends reunion special

It’s being trailed as ‘The One Where They Get Back Together’

After years of rumours, the Friends reunion has finally been confirmed. The gang are getting back together.

The long-awaited and much-hyped Friends reunion will be coming to HBO Max on May 27th.

From clues in the trailer to hints dropped by the cast, here’s everything we know.

The trailer dropped today, titled ‘ The One Where They Get Back Together’

Filming only finished last month, after a year of delays due to Covid. The show was reportedly meant to originally air in May 2020.

Fan favourites like Janice, Gunther, and Ross and Monica’s parents will take part in the Friends reunion

It won’t just be the big six – the reunion will include a host of recurring stars. Reese Witherspoon will even be back as Jill.

It’ll have a ton of guests, including David Beckham, Malala Yousafzai, and Justin Bieber.

In fact, this is a ridiculous amount of guests. Yes, friends has had Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis appear in episodes before, but this is way beyond that.

Alongside Bieber, Beckham, and Malala, stars such as Lady Gaga, BTS, and Cara Delevigne will be popping up.

James Corden, sadly, will also make an appearance.

Is the Friends reunion going to be a shit chat show like the Inbetweeners reunion?

Please try and remember how excited we all were when the Inbetweeners said they were doing a reunion show, and then how crestfallen we were when it was just them sitting on sofas chatting.

We don’t want to be catfished the same way again. But will the Friends reunion be like that? It’s unclear. The reunion was filmed on the show’s original set, in front of a live audience in Burbank, California.

In an incredible bit of bait, Chandler Bing actor Matthew Perry posted a behind-the-scenes snap of him in the makeup chair, only to delete it.

friends reunion

TMZ reports that the original fountain from the title sequence is still around, and looks set to be included in some form.

Sadly, the trailer gives nothing away – it just shows the cast walking together in slow motion. Speaking on the Graham Norton show, David Schwimmer was cryptic, saying: “We’re not in character … we’re all ourselves, the real people”.

He then added: “But there is one section, I don’t want to give away… where we all read something.”

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