No pandemic will stop the class of 2021 from getting their dissertation hand-in pic

Here are this year’s best

For the majority of students, the most enjoyable part of writing a dissertation is the picture taken at the end of it. The photo, guaranteed to get a spot on your insta, as well as your grandparents wall, encompasses all of the hard work you’ve put in over the last few months.

While most people snap the classic ‘posing in front of the oldest building at their uni’ shot, these people have gone above and beyond. From a girl taking pictures with Southampton’s defibrillator because “Soton takes my breath away”, to a literal car crash, these pictures will make you regret your bog standard photoshoot.

Teejay, Exeter

Teejay (@nomoretidj) celebrated finishing his diss in a rather spectacular fashion. Taken by the iconic Exeter graduation rock, he set fire to his work, a report on the identification of sports sneakers using a cloud database. It’s lit.

Evie, Southampton

Evie decided to make a TikTok documenting all of the random, slightly shit, places on Soton campus. She said that she was trying to find all the pretty places on campus with a friend, and then joked about taking pictures in front of the maths building, famed for being ugly. They took photos outside of the building and then it just spiralled from there.

Evie said: “The top comment said I’m weak for not going in the pond but I’m not sure I’m built for standing in those waters.

“If I knew it was going to get over 81,000 views, I would’ve made my housemate take nicer photos.”

Imi and Ellie, Exeter

If you think there’s only two figures in this image then you’re mistaken; it appears that Gemma Collins has decided to partake in this particular dissy photoshoot. Imi credits the GC for getting her through the dissertation, saying: “If I was ever feeling down I would look at the shining beacon of light that is Gemma and feel uplifted”. #blessed. Hope Gemma isn’t feeling too CLAUSTROPHOBIC up there.

Sanjana, Southampton

Sanjana is looking sensational in her bright pink trousers and matching trainers for her diss-hand in pic. Sanjana wrote her diss on Trump and Modi’s Twitter accounts.

Katy, Leeds

Katy (@katyadams_), who wrote her diss on queer narratives, themes and characters at the Oscars, lounges on some sunny Leeds steps in this iconic diss photo.

When The Tab asked her why she decided on the location, Katy said: “The Parkinson’s steps are iconic for Leeds Uni students and I wanted my diss picture to be a little different somehow! Anyone who knows me knows I’m always doing something extra and over the top – even if all the people walking past thought I looked bonkers.”

Ellie, Exeter

Ellie decided to take her diss pics in bed as “it was the place I spent most of my time writing it”. With those fun leopard sheets and charming photo wall it’s easy to see why. Do we spot fairy lights too?

Alex, Manchester

Alex (@alexjeancross) and her mates joyously hold their dissertations aloft, in triumphant power positions reminiscent of Simba and Mufasa. Great levels there guys.

Anya, Liverpool

Anya displays impressive core strength whilst clutching a gate in her diss photo, in front of a dramatic looking set of pillars. Her dissertation, on the impact that Let’s Create will have on theatre, is displayed front and centre in this sensational pic.

Emily, Southampton

Emily, who wrote her dissertation on reducing the negative impact of cyberbullying on Facebook, opted for a leap of joy as she held her completed diss.

And finally….

Jack, Exeter

Better luck next time Jack.

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