The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Where are the cast now?

London Tipton and Kevin from Home Alone have had a baby and I’m shook

There’s no question about it, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody absolutely banged. Zack caused mayhem, first running riot in a Boston hotel and then later on a cruise ship, while his brother Cody, the ultimate sad boi before such a thing existed, would stumble through his hopeless love life.

A frustrated Mr Moseby kept the boys in check, but he had enough on his plate trying to guide rich girl London Tipton through her teens.

But it seems his guidance has paid off,  as just last week, the actress who played London, Brenda Song, announced the arrival of her first baby, fathered by Home Alone child-star Macaulay Culkin.

This got us thinking, what have the the rest of the main cast been up to since Suite Life dipped off air in 2011? How much are they all worth and crucially, who are they dating?

Here’s everything we know about what the cast of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are up to now.

Cole Sprouse (Cody Martin)


Just Cody flirting

Cole played Cody Martin, the quieter and nerdier of the twins, who went along with Zack’s pranks and would often got into trouble as a result.

It’s thought that Cole made $20,000 per episode of Suite Life and so it’s unsurprising he now has an estimated net worth of $80 million.

Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Like the character he depicted, Cole is super intelligent. In 2011, he enrolled at New York University, flirting with the idea of studying film before settling on archeology. While on a dig in Bulgaria, he was responsible for unearthing a mask of the Greek wine god, Dionysis.

Since Suite Life, Cole’s had several acting roles, most notably as a funny yet secretive narrator in teen drama Riverdale. Cole dated Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart for a while, but sadly it wasn’t to be. Their relationship came to an end in 2020, the same year that Cole was arrested at a protest following the death of George Floyd.



Dylan Sprouse (Zack Martin)



Famed for playing Zack, Cody’s naughty twin brother, Dylan took a break from acting after the show to pursue a degree in video game design. Since then he’s cropped up in some short films and an independent movie called Carte Blanche.

He also owns a bar in Brooklyn New York called All-Wise Meadery, telling Vanity Fair:  “After graduating, [I] realised that it’s something I really loved doing, and it was also a big business opportunity.

“I was thinking about ways to invest my money, and I thought, ‘Well, if there’s anything to invest your money in, alcohol is not a bad thing to invest in.'”

Although Sprouse has dropped out of the limelight, he still has a fair bit of cash left over from his Suite Life days, and is reportedly worth around $8 million.

Unlike his on screen character Zack who was a massive flirt, Dylan has opted to settle down with Victoria’s Secret Model, Barbara Palvin who he’s been dating for almost three years.



Brenda Song (London Tipton)

London struggling to learn how to drive

London was the daughter of Wilfred Tipton, the owner of the hotel terrorised by the twins. What she lacked in intelligence, she made up for in cold hard cash. And clothes. Lots of fancy clothes.

Since the end of Suite Life, the 33-year-old has featured in American TV shows like Real Life, Scandal and New Girl as well as films like The Social Network.


@brendasong with her partner Macaulay Culkin

But it was on the set of Changeland where Song met Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin. The pair soon hit it off, got together and announced the birth of their first child, Dakota Song Culkin on 5th April 2021.

Like Song’s Suite Life character, Dakota is set to be spoiled rotten as her mother’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million while Culkin’s is $18 million.

Ashley Tisdale (Maddy Fitzpatrick)


Maddy Fitzpatrick liking what she sees

Maddy was the clever but sarcastic girl who worked behind the candy counter, often berated by London Tipton for being poor.

Unlike Maddy, the character she portrays, 35-year-old actress Ashley Tisdale is now worth around $14 million.

It might have something to do with being on Suite Life and that tiny role she had as Sharpay Evans in the High School Musical films.

Since then, Ashley’s had a successful music career, launched a make up line and started an interior design business.

And it turns out Brenda Song wasn’t the only member of the original Suite Life Cast to have a child this year.

Ashley and her musical composer husband Christopher French welcomed Jupiter Iris French into the world in March of this year.

Ashley and her husband @cmfrench

Phill Lewis (Mr Moseby)


Mr Moseby

Although Mr Marion Moseby was a stickler for the rules, the actor who played him found himself on the wrong side of the law, way before the Suite Life first aired.

In 1993, Phill Lewis was drink-driving when he hit Isabel Duerte. The 21-year-old Portuguese nanny died from her injuries and Lewis was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison, only actually serving one year behind bars.

Since then, Phill has managed to turn his life around, starring on sweet Suite Life and acting / directing in a number of projects including voicing Duper in American Dad. It’s no surprise therefore that he has now amassed a net worth of £1.5 million.

He’s also happily married to Megan Benton Lewis and has two daughters.

Featured image: Credit: Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

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