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Quiz: Only a real true crime expert can name all the people in these mugshots

You probably shouldn’t be this good at this


In a true crime series or documentary film you will be presented with the mugshots of some of the world’s most notorious criminals. And it takes a special sort of connoisseur to remember all the faces in the shows you binge watch.

Whether or not you will openly admit to it and be proud of it, a lot of us are true crime obsessed. We sit and watch some of the most horrifying crimes in history, and witness some of the most evil people to ever be on earth – and we do it for fun. Some will call us messed up, but others embrace the in-depth knowledge of real life criminal cases as simply another part of their complex personality.

So are you really an expert? Now’s the time to truly find out. In the quiz below you will be presented with 10 mugshots, all of people who have featured in some of the most popular true crime documentary films and series on Netflix. All you have to do is identify who it is. Easy, right?

Take this quiz to see if you really are a true crime expert and can match the people to their mugshots:

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