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Quiz: Can you guess the reality TV show from just its description?

This is harder than it sounds

Right now, it feels as though every single show that exists is a reality series. So trying to tell them all apart is a bit of struggle at the best of times. Have you ever tried to sell your favourite reality TV show to a mate by giving a brief overview of what it’s about? Or just had the task of trying to sum up a series in a couple of sentences? Because it’s actually pretty hard.

Try describing all the drama and chaos of Love Is Blind in a hurry. Or succinctly trying to sell the wild ride of Bling Empire or Selling Sunset without going on about it for at least an hour. It might be more simple to explain some home makeover reality shows or cooking competitions – but how do you make them not all sound the same? Even if you remember every single reality TV series you’ve ever watched like you saw it yesterday, it could be a tall order.

It’s time to test your knowledge. In the trivia quiz below you will see the short synopsis description of 11 reality TV shows, and all you have to do is work out which one it’s on about. Easy, right?

Take this quiz to see if you can match the reality TV shows to the right description:

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