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Quiz: Can you guess the reality TV show these hilarious Google reviews are about?

Who leaves these comments please? I just want to check you’re alright x

“Intelligent”, “captivating” and “art” are all words which have actually been used to describe multiple reality TV shows in Google reviews. But then again, another says “the fact so many people apply to be on these toilet stain shows proves people will appear on anything these days”. Honestly, the world of leaving reviews online about series is wild and anything goes.

If you’re sat thinking that you’ve never watched a TV programme and thought to rush to leave a review, or even read any, then boy you are missing out. Yep, Google is absolutely fit to bursting with savage reviews from people speaking their minds about some of the biggest reality TV shows in the world.

In the quiz below, we’ve taken some of the best and most ruthless of all these comments, and all you have to do is guess which show it is on about. Be prepared, because they don’t take any prisoners. Sorry in advance if anyone rips into your favourite.

Take this quiz to see if you can match the Google reviews to the reality TV shows they are about:

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