Every type of Instagram influencer condensed into a starter pack

Because they’re all SO unique

Influencers are all the same right? Well despite the overwhelming amount of #ads on your Instagram feed, the main six type of influencers are actually all very different.

They may all be pushing us products we don’t need, but their wardrobes, types of content, food and emoji choices are very specific to the type of influencer they are.

Though the categories of influencers varies drastically once you follow a few fitness influencers you’ll see they’re all pretty much the same. There’s peanut butter, avocados and resistance bands on every single one of their feeds aka the fitness influencer starter pack.

And it’s not just fitness influencers who have a set of essentials you need to run a successful Instagram account. For ex Love Island influencers you need a grey sofa. For girl boss influencers you need the bank of mum and dad.

This is every single type of influencer condensed into starter pack form:

Fitness influencer

Example influencers: Kayla Itsines, Jen Selter

With the exception of Joe Wicks the majority of successful influencers are women. They’re vegan, tanned and do not shut up about peanut butter.

They’ll post wholesome quotes saying every body is perfect, and then 10 minutes late promote their latest 20 minute ab workout. Which you will do and then wonder why you don’t have an immediate six pack, it’s ok, we all do it.

They don’t drink, they watch Netflix series three weeks after anyone else – basically they’re no fun at a party.

Ex-Love Islander

Example Influencers: Molly-Mae Hague, Olivia Bowen, basically anyone semi successful on Love Island

The best example of these influencers are those who were in the final of any Love Island season. But brands aren’t fussy, any ex reality star can flog a car air freshener on their Instagram.

The most successful Instagrams are full of designer labels, grey sofas and a bunch of sponsored ads. They’ll jet off to Dubai and then cry about cancel culture.

They’ll show they’re relatable because they also wear trackies and get excited about Little Moons, but at the end of the day what’s relatable about getting paid £2,000 for a bikini picture?


Example influencers: Ruby Granger, Jack Edwards

They’re BNOCs on account of their many Instagram followers, not because they’re particularly fun.

Books, coffee and plants are what fuels them. Oh and of course success. For people who claim books are their favourite things they sure do drop them quick when there’s a chance to make some money on a sponsored post.

They’re big on promoting mental health and productivity. They have an extensive knit wear collection and they thrive in Autumn, they are not made for summer.

Girl boss influencer

Example influencers: Grace Beverly, Florence Given

You already know these are the influencers who make you roll your eyes the most. They show off about how productive and successful they are being able to launch a book before they reach 25, but fail to mention the bank of mum and dad helping them out behind the scenes.

Their flats are picture perfect and you can’t pick up a mug without fear it’s covered in boob prints. They use words like “accountability”, “boundaries” and “grateful” non-ironically.

They’ll try and show you how much like a normal person they are by uploading a make up free selfie and writing self depricating captions (it’s not makeup free, it’s Glossier).

Scandi fashion influencer

Example influencers: Matilda Djerf, Josefine H.J.

They’re the girls you want to be, but no amount of coffee and cigarettes will get you to their level. They exude a chic coolness and at the same time a wholesome attitude that promises a summer filled with cinnamon swirls but you just know they wouldn’t let you sit with them.

Their days are filled with biking around the city collecting the latest Prada bag. They don’t actually have to be Scandinavian, just blonde enough to make us think they are.

Their mirror selfies never actually show their faces on account of it being about the “outfits” but somehow their perfectly toned abs still manage to make the shot.

Home influencer

Example influencers: Mrs Hinch, Shea McGee

Reveal, transformation, before and after are the only words in a home influencer’s vocabulary. They’re responsible for every bit of bloody pampas grass and gallery wall you see all your feed.

They’re usually in their mid to late 30s and fairly unproblematic for influencers. They usually have a couple of kids, and a rich husband. So whilst he works she focuses on her baby – the house. It’s never finished which works perfectly for getting more sponsored posts.

If they’re American they go all out for every holiday and their feed becomes a dedicated Halloween account every October.

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