Women are sharing how men can make them feel more safe at night

The outpouring of advice follows the disappearance of Sarah Everard

Following the disappearance of Sarah Everard, women on Twitter are sharing how men can make them feel more safe at night.

Stuart Edwards, who lives near to where Sarah Everard disappeared, tweeted last night asking women how he and fellow men can make women feel safer at night with their actions.

He wrote: “I live less than five minutes from where Sarah Everard went missing. Everyone is on high alert. Aside from giving as much space as possible on quieter streets and keeping face visible, is there anything else men can reasonably do to reduce the anxiety/spook factor?”

His tweet has gone viral with hundreds of retweets, and many women replied with their suggestions and thanking him for asking the question.

Their suggestions include crossing the road, chatting on the phone and not walking directly behind women.

Here are the 10 most common ways men can make women feel safer at night:

1. Never walk closely behind a woman

2. Cross over the road

3. Be noisy

4. If a friend asks you to accompany her, do it

5. Don’t block paths

6. Intervene if a situation looks odd

7. Move out of her way, not the other way around

8. If you’re on a run or on a bike, let us know you’re there

9. Give us space

10. Share what you’ve learnt with your friends

The responses to Stuart’s tweet come at the same time as The Metropolitan Police have told women in Clapham not to go alone following Sarah Everard’s disappearance.

Their advice has angered a number of people on Twitter who argue it is always women who have to change their behaviour and questioned why men aren’t told to stay inside.

33-year-old Sarah Everard has not been seen or heard from since last Wednesday when she left a friend’s house in Clapham.

Last night Scotland Yard revealed a police officer had been arrested over her disappearance.

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