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This calculator tells you exactly how many minutes of Netflix you’ve watched

I feel victimised

The true extent of your Netflix addiction will always be kept a closely guarded secret for most people, but it’s not like you can see exactly how many minutes you’ve spent binging series and films, right? Well, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is the case, but someone has made a Netflix calculator that tells you exactly how many minutes, hours and days you’ve spent wasting away in front of your television screen, and it’s leaving people pretty shook.

Like, “spent 50+ days watching documentaries when I should’ve been revising” levels of shook. So, how exactly do you find out how much time you’re spending on Netflix? Well, all you need is five minutes and to be logged in to Netflix on your phone or laptop.

Yes, I have watched over 50 days of series – no judgement here

How do I use the Netflix calculator?

This requires a tiny bit of legwork because you have to download your details, but I’m sure you’d rather have control of your account details instead of giving them to a random company, right? Thought so:

• Go to Netflix, select the user you want to use and click on the top-right user icon.

• Select ‘Account’, select the profile you want to look into and then ‘Viewing Activity’.

• This will reveal your entire viewing history which is… interesting.

• Now, click ‘Download All’ and head to the Netflix calculator.

• Drag the file you have just downloaded onto the upload page.

I mean kind of condescending but okay

And that’s all there is to it. For better or worse, you’ll be greeted with swathes of data based upon everything from which genres you’ve watched the most of to what you could’ve been spending time doing instead. Yes, maybe I could’ve travelled to the moon and back 26 times – but I would’ve been watching Netflix at the same time anyway?!

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