These 23 Drag Race UK tweets are the best thing you’ll read today, not a joke just a fact

Justice for A’Whora 2021

Last night saw the top five of Drag Race UK battle it out to get into the semi-final of the competition, and battle truly is the only word to describe what went down. It was a battle of the bitches. In short: Lawrence, A’Whora and Ellie had the biggest row over performance ordering in history whilst Tayce and Bimini watched from the sidelines.

Quite frankly, the amount of drama that went down in this episode was more than the rest of the entire season put together – seriously, it was worse than Ru’s H&M meltdown.

So if you’re looking for an outlet to channel all your rage after last night’s episode, read these 23 tweets.

1. A ready-made drinking game for when you come to rewatch this episode

2. Lawrence and A’Whora’s anger in the whole episode was on another level

3. We’re actually not sure people will recover from how angry Lawrence was

4. Tayce and Bimini just sat back and took in the tea

5. No one sums it up better than the GC

6. Tayce once again proving she is the most naturally funny queen

7. I NEEDED to know what A’Whora’s BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP was

8. God save Queen Bimini for actually giving us the comic relief we came for

9. Well done Bimini, we love you

10. The nation has collectively decided it will dismantle the patriarchy for Bimini

11. The contrast between Ellie’s Dirty Diamond and Tayce’s love of beans

12. Twitter is absolutely raging because Tayce was actually funny??

13. Lawrence Chaney came out on the runway dressed as a Boobah

14. Oh wait, no, Lawrence decided to come as an extinction-level event

15. Ru, what happened to ‘It’s not RuPaul’s best friends race?’

16. RuPaul really did have the nerve, the audacity, the gall and the gumption

17. Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan has also declared herself Team Bimini

18. Even though shit was getting heavy on the main stage, this height difference actually had us giggling

19. Let’s face it, tears were shed hearing RuPaul tell A’Whora to ‘Sashay Away’

20. Should we just give Bimini the crown now?


22. If there’s ever been a time for a double save in Drag Race UK HERstory, that was it

23. And finally, a tweet capturing how we all felt coming away from last night’s episode

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