Mr Schue Ick-Tok: 42 TikToks of Mr Schue that will make your skin crawl

He dry humps way too much for my liking

William Schuester trigger warning: This article contains explicit clips of dry humping and unnecessary sex faces 

I have something I want to get off my chest. When I first watched Glee growing up, I thought Mr Schue was the coolest teacher ever. I was in awe of his Justin Timberlake vibe when he danced and his flawless perm. There wasn’t anything I wanted more than to be a student at McKinley High and a member of the Glee club.

Needless to say, since growing up and watching the show again, I have realised Mr Schue needs to go to jail. He dry humps way too much for my liking, his teacher-student friendships are so weird, and his rapping is horrendous. To put it bluntly: he is the physical embodiment of the ick.

The internet hates Mr Schue, especially those on TikTok. He’s a cursed figure and TikTok users are starting to add trigger warnings on their videos about him. There is even a petition to send him to Guantanamo Bay. An ongoing TikTok trend is “getting Schuestered” which basically involves sending someone a clip of Mr Schue in hope of ruining their day.

Here are 42 Mr Schue Ick-Toks, I hope you appreciate it because I literally Schuestered myself 42 times for this content.

1. This makes me feel sick

2. He is drinking milk and making a sex face? Jail

3. Two words: Thong song

4. The way he raised his eyebrow in this makes me feel so unwell

5. I don’t even have to explain this one

6. I am thankful we will never see him perform WAP

7. There is just no need for this kind of entrance

8. “Sue should’ve taken that bussy”

9. This whole number lives in my mind rent free

10. Look at the way he runs his hands through his perm

11. POV: It’s your wedding day and your husband says he has a special surprise for you

12. Trippin’

13. “Creature of the night”


15. I was forced to see this so now I’m forcing you

16. It’s the way he kicks up for me

17. He looks so pleased with himself – it’s sickening

18. What possessed him to grab his crotch like that?

19. Thong th-thong thong thong song again because it’s just so bad

20. Get this man away from these high school kids

21. Christ alive

22. I am uncomfortable

23. “I think I’ll sing it again”


25. His vest was a criminal offence

26. This performance was too breathy for my liking

27. I hate this

28. “Rachel’s a beautiful girl”

29. He is anything but sexy


31. Mr Schuester isn’t like other men

32. “I will have this series to show my kids one day”

33. How did he not clear that jump?

34. ArE YOu SatISFieD?

35. The way he was so quick to answer

36. The physical embodiment of hell

37. I hate him

38. He reminds me of a wet piece of bread

39. She deserved so much better than him

40. Ick

41. How did we not see the red flags from the first episode?

42. Trauma

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