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This is how old the Mean Girls cast were when they made the iconic film

Rachel McAdams was 26 when she played teenage Regina

A common theme of teen girl movies is the cast are way older in real life than the teenagers they’re playing, and this no different for the Mean Girls cast.

Rachel McAdams was a full grown adult at 26 years old when she played the teenager Regina George. Props to her for being able to play a teen bitch so well when she was 10 years older than the character she was playing.

Luckily Rachel had the biggest age gap between her real age and the character she played, and many of the Mean Girls cast were fairly similar in age to the characters they were playing.

These are the ages of the Mean Girls cast in the film and today:

Lindsay Lohan

mean girls cast ages

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Lindsay Lohan has been acting since she was 12 years old when she appeared in the iconic Parent Trap remake.

Lindsay was only 18 years old when she played Cady Heron in Mean Girls, when her character was meant to be 16 years old. This is pretty good considering most actors playing teenagers are usually a good 10 years older than the actual teenager.

Lindsay is now 34 years old and I think we can all agree Mean Girls has been her most iconic role to date.

Rachel McAdams

mean girls cast ages rachel

It will forever blow my mind Rachel McAdams appeared in Mean Girls and The Notebook in 2004, what a year for her.

Rachel was 26 years old when she played teenager Regina George, this is a crazy age gap. Now Rachel is 42 years old and her movies have just got better and better.

Lacey Chabert

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Lacey Chabert played THE Gretchen Weiners and from the looks of her Instagram, she is still very invested in her most famous character.

She is now 38, but was 22 years old when she played Gretchen, which isn’t as bad as Rachel’s age gap.

Amanda Seyfried

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Is Amanda Seyfried’s most iconic role Karen in Mean Girls or Sophie in Mamma Mia? It’s a tough call.

But considering Mean Girls was Amanda’s first role that’s pretty impressive. Amanda was just 19 years old when she played Karen. She is now 35 years old.

Lizzy Caplan

Lizzy had been acting for a number of years before she took on the role of Janice in Mean Girls, but like Lacey she was 22 years old in the film.

Now Lizzy is 38 and has continued to have an impressive career.

Daniel Franzese

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Daniel’s role as Damian is now easily one of his most recognisable and he’s spent much of his post Mean Girls career working as a HIV activist.

Like Rachel McAdams, Daniel was 26 years old when he played a teenager on Mean Girls and is now 42 years old.

Jonathan Bennett

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Jonathan Bennett’s hair still looks sexy pushed back at 39 years old. Jonathan had been acting for a few years before starring as Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls.

Jonathan was 23 years old when he played Aaron.

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