These 15 tweets are all the evidence you need to crown Olivia Lux the Drag Race winner now

She is the queen of all our hearts

Olivia Lux, did you mean the definition of perfection? Quite frankly they should just cancel season 13 and place the crown on her head now because she is just that good.

Her smile, her voice, her looks, her face, every single aspect of Miss Lux is heavenly. So, let’s just cut the suspense of a whole season and crown Olivia now so we can finally celebrate something in 2021. God save the Queen, Miss Olivia Lux.

Drag Race fans have been tweeting their support for this multitalented New York Queen and if these tweets don’t convince you that Olivia deserves to win Drag Race season 13 I don’t know what will?

1. Trixie gets it

Trixie Mattel, winner of All Stars 3, kicking things off saying all there is that needs to be said. Olivia Lux. There are no words that do her justice. So we should all just be repeating her name, over and over again – let’s manifest her to the crown.

2. And so does Rock M.

Rock M. gets it too. Olivia Lux. Enough said.

3. Teeny tiny handbags clouding our thoughts 24/7

Aren’t we all. Hands up if you’ve gone on ASOS looking for a tiny handbag just so you can hope to possess some of Olivia’s divinity (yes, it’s official she’s not just the rightful winner of the Drag Race Crown 2021, she’s a goddess).

4. Little Purse First to Number One, please

Detox gets its. She just gets it.

5. Even Kandy and Joey are in love with Liv

Look at their smiles. Kandy and Joey are both so happy. They have been blessed by Olivia and they know just how good that feels. Any Olivia day is a blessed day.

6. We’re gagged, gooped and everything in between

Girl, when Olivia started lipsyncing we were all making this face.

7. The judges love her too

Rightfully so. Olivia is perfection. Treat her with the respect she deserves. Gordon gets it.

8. Olivia withdrawal is a real thing

Two hours after finishing the latest episode of Drag Race, when I’m asking myself if it’s too early to go back and rewatch it already?

9. Can’t stop thinking about Olivia Lux

All day, every day. There is only room for Miss Olivia Lux in this brain thank you very much. Olivia Lux energy only.

10. We’re all losers compared to Olivia

And that’s the tea. I think we’d all be more than okay with Olivia making us feel like a loser. She is just that perfect that trying to replicate even a fraction of her excellence is impossible.

11. I want Lux Lullabies

There will never be a more soothing voice. Also what better way to fall asleep than being serenaded by Olivia smiling and singing at you?

12. Lollll number 12 is just too true

All I’m saying is Olivia over Valentina every single time. Olivia would never fail us and forget her lyrics. She would take that mask off and slay the house down.

13. She’s so pretty it hurts

It’s just impossible. Have you seen that smile? It’s flawless.

14. She even has her own brand of moth

EVEN THE MOTH IS PRETTY. I swear if they don’t change the classification name of this moth to the Olivia Lux moth I will be taking up the matter with David Attenborough himself.

15. That smile

Finally, that smile. That smile alone is worthy of the crown.

Featured image via: @TheOliviaLux

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