The Slumflower has new demands for ‘reparations’ from Florence Given

She outlined her requests in an Instagram post last night


British writer Chidera Eggerue has issued new demands to Florence Given, asking for “reparations” to be made on the book, Women Don’t Owe You Pretty.

Eggerue, who believes that Given’s book was “significantly copied” from her own work, either wants the book to be pulled from shelves and to given the royalties, or for the book to remain in print with the royalties split 70-30. That’s 70 per cent to Chidera and 30 per cent to Florence.

Also known on Instagram as The Slumflower, Eggerue presented these options in a post on her feed last night.

Chidera believes that Florence will still be able to ‘generate brand deals’ from the book

The Slumflower’s post went on to explain her reasoning behind these requests, saying that Florence “can afford to separate herself from this book.” She asks people to “please keep in mind that Florence has and will continue to generate brand deals and well-sponsored work that comes from the visibility this book has granted her, along with her following and her whiteness.”

The Slumflower

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She continued: “It is the right thing to do and as a white woman who has built an audience from referring to herself as an ally to Black people, this is Florence’s opportunity to show what accountability should look like in the face of material harm enacted by her on a Black person she claims she was friends with.

“As soon as possible, I look forward to discussing this directly with Florence and/or her team, whenever they are ready to contact me.”

Florence has not yet publically responded to Chidera’s requests and her last official statement on the matter was posted on her Instagram story three weeks ago. Given claimed she did not “try to speak for other people” but instead “spoke about [her] own experiences.”

She also explained how she has tried to support Black and marginalised women, saying: “Earlier this year I had already donated a significant portion of my advance to organisations that support Black liberation.”


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The Slumflower has now clearly stated that she wants more from Given to reconcile on the issue. Her post claims that Given “co-opting” her work has had a significant impact on her books being stocked on shelves.

Later that evening, Eggerue posted a series of Instagram stories of comments from fans and supporters. One person confirmed Chidera’s statement, saying: “The book shop I was in had none of your book in stock, and told me it would be weeks and weeks before I would be able to get a copy – however WDOYP was PILED on the shelves, there were dozens of copies of them.

“We all stand with you. This is not acceptable.”

Florence has previously been accused of ‘profiting off of black people’s ideas’

In case you missed it, the controversy about Florence Given began in December, when activist India Ysabel said the popular feminist book was “copied” from Eggerue on an IGTV broadcast. She accused Given of “profiting off of black people’s ideas, black activism, black work.”

Shortly afterward, The Slumflower came forward and suggested that WDOYP “would not exist” if it weren’t for her own writing, in a series of Instagram stories.

She pointed out that Florence even acknowledged her by name at the end of the book, and also wrote: “I had to listen and I had to learn, predominantly from black women. My understanding of these topics would not have been possible without the work of the following women, who I am dedicating this book to.”

Chidera later posted screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation with Florence, and a screenshot of an email from her management term, terminating her contract. Eggerue and Given were represented by the same management company, Diving Bell, up until that point.

Diving Bell made a brief comment on their Instagram stories at the time, and wished Chidera “the best”. They also released a full statement on the matter, which can be found here.

Florence Given, Diving Bell management and Cassell publishing have all been contacted for comment.

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