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The Tab’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2020: How well do you remember this disastrous year?

You’ve been inside all year, no excuses for not getting full marks

It’s time to test your 2020 trivia on the most chaotic year anyone has seen for a while in The Tab’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2020.

The year started off with so much promise, you definitely captioned your NYE Insta post with something about the roaring twenties. And yet just a week in, Australia was in flames and there was a worry of WW3 commencing.

Then of course came Megxit, Trump’s impeachment and winter Love Island. That was only the first two months of 2020 and then March happened.

Our lives became a blur of banana bread, Joe Wicks and drinking at 4pm. And tbh things haven’t really changed since then, apart from PE with Joe, we all gave that up in June.

But how well do you remember the most memorable year? Do you remember the TikTok trends? What about Normal People? Had you forgotten when Boris got coronavirus? Well we’ve made our own big fat quiz of the year to test your 2020 trivia knowledge.

Answer these 25 questions to see just how well you were paying attention to the disaster that was 2020:

Featured image credit before edits: Janita Sumeiko on Unsplash

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