Revealed: The Russell Group unis where grads are most likely to earn under £15k

Makes all those hours in the library seem worth it after all

You know the score: uni puts you in a whole lot of debt, and you want to come out of it with some kind of decent paying job to make it worth it. But is that going to happen?

Turns out, there are some Russell Group unis where you’ve got a fair chance of earning less than £15k out of uni, even if you end up in full-time employment.

That’s according to stats collected as part of HESA’s graduate outcome survey, which has charted the success of the class of 2018. It counts those who are still living in the UK, and who made it into full-time employment.

If you really want to earn the big bucks – and this won’t come as a shock to anyone – LSE, UCL, Oxford, and Imperial are the places to go. Not a single grad was recorded as earning under £15k.

How do the Russell Group unis rank? Read on for the percentage of grads earning under £15k a year

1. Queen’s University Belfast – 4.57 per cent

2. The University of Glasgow – 4.02 per cent

3. The University of Sheffield – 2.97 per cent

4. The University of York – 2.65 per cent

5. The University of Exeter – 2.64 per cent

6. Newcastle University – 2.58 per cent

7. The University of Manchester – 2.56 per cent

8. Cardiff University – 2.45 per cent

9. The University of Liverpool – 2.44 per cent

10. The University of Leeds – 2.25 per cent

11. The University of Southampton – 2.05 per cent

12. The University of Birmingham – 2.01 per cent

13. The University of Edinburgh – 1.76 per cent

14. The University of Warwick – 1.71 per cent

15. University of Durham – 1.69 per cent

16. University of Nottingham – 1.61 per cent

17. The University of Bristol – 1.38 per cent

18. Queen Mary University of London – 1.36 per cent

19. The University of Cambridge – 0.79 per cent

20. King’s College London – 0.62 per cent

21. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine – 0 per cent

22. London School of Economics and Political Science – 0 per cent

23. The University of Oxford – 0 per cent

24. University College London – 0 per cent

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