PrettyLittleThing homeware

PLT just released a homeware collection and it’s exactly as basic as you’d expect

All that’s missing is a crushed velvet grey bed

PrettyLittleThing has released their first homeware collection and it is perfect for all the Fiat 500 girls in your life.

The collection features bedding, candles and fairy lights all priced between £6 to £40. But weirdly there is not any crushed velvet in sight. The influencers must be going into meltdown.

Despite the most obvious of basic bitch interiors not being part of the collection, there is still plenty of Molly-Mae esque pieces to get you that Love Islander look. From gold dipped planters, to pink marble bedding and a trinket tray telling you “you’re amazing” there is no end to the basicness of their homewares.

But in case you needed any guidance as to the basicness of each product, here’s our handy basicness rating for all the products in PrettyLittleThing’s new homeware collection:

Gold Dipped Planters 2 Pack, £15

Basicness rating: 5/10

Everyone has approximately 30 plants in their room right now, so that alone makes you pretty basic. Adding two gold dipped planters? Very, very basic of you.

The concrete vibe does give it a slight edge tho.

Demi Candle Cream Whip, £12

Basicness rating: 4/10

You know what for PrettyLittleThing this candle is actually quite a vibe. It’s got that Scandi vibe to it, despite looking a bit like a fancy pear.

However what really lets it down is that PrettyLittleThing advises not actually lighting the candle, as it’s “too cute to burn” and gives off a scent without being lit. Its basic bitch rating has just gone way up.

Pink Marble Print Double Duvet Set, £30

Basicness rating: 8/10

I mean c’mon, pink marble bedding? It just screams basic Love Island wannabe influencer. But it does come in a single size as well if you want to make your halls bed more influencer worthy.

Too Glam To Give a Damn Trinket Dish, £10

Basicness rating: 10/10

Sorry I just feel a little bit sick looking at this. Please take a long hard look at yourself if you’re thinking of purchasing this.

White Pintuck Double Duvet Set, £25

Basicness rating: 1/10

Bog standard white bedding is an essential. We can all do with some crisp white bed sheets, so points to PLT for this one. Just be careful to avoid getting your fake tan all over it.

Pink Bunny Tails, £18

Basicness rating: 4/10

Dried flowers are all over Instagram right now and they’re a pretty cool trend. But charging customers £18 for some tiny little ones is not the vibe PrettyLittleThing.

Pink Petal Scented Wax Filled Candle Jar

Basicness rating: 7/10

A pink and gold candle is a classic Fiat 500 girl look. And ngl PrettyLittleThing encouraging a burn out mentality with the “burn it at both ends” is not the vibe I enjoy when trying to relax in my bedroom.

Blush Pintuck King Duvet Set, £30

Basicness rating: 8/10

Why is there so much pink??? It’s like Barbie took charge of the design meetings.

Beige Cement Planter, £15

Basicness rating: 3/10

Much better than the gold planters, this pot has a slight rattan look to it, despite actually being made out of concrete.

Gold Round Small Wall Mirror, £15

Basicness rating: 7/10

A pretty standard gold mirror, the chain is what really sets it off for the basic bitchness. Can just imagine all the influencers taking pics in their bodysuits in this.

Beige Fleece Double Duvet Set

Basicness rating: 11/10

Of course PrettyLittleThing’s homeware collection includes a teddy lined duvet set. And it had to be beige. What else are the girlies meant to lay on when they’re having movie night with this one?

Grey Midnight Rose Scented Diffuser, £15

Basicness rating: 6/10

Rose gold was a big 2016 vibe and the Fiat 500 girls really need to let it go, along with their Molly-Mae obsession.

Pink Marble Print Mug, £8

Basicness rating: 7/10

Hey what else are you meant to drink your pumpkin spiced lattes out of? Again the marble trend was a big look a few years and yet here the influencers are, throwing marble at anything they can get their hands on.

Premium Natural Delicate Tassle King Duvet Set, £40

Basicness rating: 9/10

This is beyond basic, it’s just plain wrong. It looks like something my grandma would have had with those weird tassles and criss cross print.

Who thought this was a good look?

Black Midnight Rose Scented Wax Filled Candle Jar, £12

Basicness rating: 8/10

Hahhahh so funny. Perfect for your 40-year-old mum who is obsessed with gin and thinks her alcohol dependency is a personality trait.

You Are Amazing Trinket Dish, £10

Basicness rating: 10/10

Ty so much PrettyLittleThing, wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Pink Metal Water Bottle, £18

Basicness rating: 3/10

Actually kinda rate this, perfect for the library.

Blush Oversized Waffle Throw, £20

Basicness rating: 9/10

SO MUCH PINK. Actually, sorry it’s “blush”. I can just picture the cast of TOWIE all cuddled up on their grey velvet sofas with this.

Pink Unicorn Fairy Lights, £12

Basicness rating: 12/10

Why am I not surprised? Fairy lights + unicorns? The perfect combination of basicness. These are going to be in every freshers’ room next September.

Featured image credit: PrettyLittleThing

All images via PrettyLittleThing.

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