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TikTok is full of people using *that* savage Sam and Zara audio, here are the funniest


The latest saga of the Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott drama included Sam posting (and then swiftly deleting) a video of him rinsing Zara when she was begging him to get back with her during Made in Chelsea. And now, the audio of Sam and Zara is all over TikTok, with people recreating the unforgettable scene.

The scene was from Made in Chelsea last week, when Sam had just found out Zara had cheated on him, and they met up in a park so she could beg for forgiveness. The video Sam originally posted which started the craze was a sponsored advert for Nando’s, where Sam is seen eating a family platter. He captioned the video: “When the family platter defeats you” and made reference to his most “uncomfortable moments”. He used the audio from Made In Chelsea last week and lip-synced Zara basically begging him to make it work between them.

Sam has since said that he had full permission from Zara to post the video, and she saw the funny side of it too, so I guess she’ll probably laugh at the audio being all over TikTok as well. Here are the best examples.

1. When your friend wants to book the Uber but you have other ideas

2. Made in Chelsea has never been more relatable

3. I think you can x


5. Cut me some slack just this once will you?!!

6. A tearful goodbye x

7. You can defo get through this !

8. Maybe I should listen to that voice more often?

9. WHO leaves SPOONS early?!

10. Come on, we’ve paid good money for this

11. Ok, this one is actually quite sad

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