I’m going to give you 20 minutes to discuss these 26 break out room memes

Does anyone actually enjoy break out rooms?

2020 has been one of the worst years: A pandemic, university years cut short, a national lockdown ruining summer, and now break out rooms have come to top it all off.

Most uni students hate group work with a passion and we all assumed that online uni would result in zero group work. Instead, most of us have had to participate in more group work that we have ever have because every lecturer seems to love saying the words: “I’m going to put you into break out rooms now”. This is possibly the scariest sentence a uni student will ever hear. After months of isolation from the real world how are we supposed to be able to talk to a group of strangers?

Here are 26 of the best break out room memes:

1. Time for me to go x

2. Probably the most adrenaline I’ve had so far this year

3. Will someone PLEASE talk

4. What’s worse: A pandemic or group work?

5. Apparently you’re not supposed to leave?

6. Surely someone has started a petition to make break out rooms illegal

7. The only type of break out room I want to be in

8. I just want to talk to whoever invented break out rooms x

9. The worst words you could hear during a lecture

10. When you really have to hype yourself up to say one sentence in the break out room

11. As long as I say one word in the break out room it’s fine

12. Maybe we should have actually talked to each other?

13. Please don’t make me turn my camera on

15. How long do we have to stare at each other?

16. Love that for me x

17. You guys actually want to talk??

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18. Break out rooms are just a place to embarrass yourself

19. Maybe if we put lecturers into break out rooms they’d hate it as much as we do

20. Me panicking as soon as I hear the words “break out room”

21. Why would you willingly stay in a lecture with break out rooms?

22. Nine grand well spent


23. Some of you don’t realise how lucky you are

24. Remember when we thought online uni would be less stressful?

25. Break out rooms sound a lot more fun that they actually are

26. Just vibing x

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